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Bangalore in Winter

It’s my favourite season – winter! And it’s a lovely time to be in this city too. The tabubuia blossoms paint the town pink and purple, and there’s that slight nip in the air in the morning that makes you spend a few extra minutes in bed.

High Court

It’s also a time for one of my absolutely favourite things – corn! When the yummilicious smell of freshly roasted corn wafts in the air it’s hard to resist getting yourself a ‘butta’. And the vendors seem to magically appear in every street…

Corn, anyone?

The cat is equally lazy these days and not inclined to get up at all. On Saturdays, usually the only day I can afford to sleep a little late, she’s only too happy to curl into her warm flannel lined basket and catch those extra winks. At the most, she opens her eyes slightly, stretches her graceful limbs for a minute, suns herself in the balcony. And then promptly curls up in a ball and goes back to sleep again.

Kit Kit

You have to love this season!


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