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Connected at last!

After several failed attempts at getting Airtel (no ports), Sify (no connectivity in my area), Hathway (no response), I finally settled on Tata Wi-Max (VSNL) who got back to me very promptly saying they could give me a connection. Surprisingly, the folks at TI were super efficient. Not only was my connection okayed in a couple of days, they were ready to install it a day after I had signed the dotted line. I wasn’t in town and had to wait for a while to do it.

They came over, installed an antenna on my roof and in about 15 minutes I was connected and ready to go.

After several months tearing my hair out with a super slow Reliance Data card connection : I get about 2 bars as signal (out of 6) anywhere in my house – this new connection seems like a life changing experience. Really.

Not only that, the Indicom folks called a few times checking on my connection, gave me tips on how to check the speed and making sure I wasn’t facing any problems. I am rather surprised since my earlier experience with Indicom wasn’t altogether pleasant. They seem to have pulled up their socks lately and I’m hoping they’re as cooperative and quick to solve my problems when things don’t work.

As of now, I’m enjoying my super fast connection (okay it isn’t super fast, but believe me when you go through the data card : anything else is like a dream) and hoping that this lasts for a while!


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