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Priceless conversations

Yesterday… A few priceless ones, all in the space of a day made it really memorable… And made me thankful for the sweetest friends I have.

Venkat hunted me down through Ryze (or was it the other way round?!) and discovered we work in the same office. He lent me his French text books so I could steal his notes and always be ahead of assignments that were scribbled in already. Of course, there were a lot of incorrect answers, but Venkat swears that he passed with flying colours, despite the numerous boo boos!

Yesterday, a one hour conversation over coffee with him and I was constantly wiping away my tears – of laughter. He always manages to keep me in splits with his deadpan expressions and totally off the cuff one-liners. And he never passes up an opportunity to pop-up a praise or two about himself. Apparently, a result his modest upbringing and good values instilled in him since childhood. Of course, the fact that he is still in that ‘childhood’ might be the reason! Just looking at him makes me laugh, for some inexplicable reason. Sorry, Venkat 🙂 (And you should really continue with the very short-lived blog!).

The young and ‘soon to be successful’ man also let it drop that he’s on the look-out for someone (of the opposite sex, thank you!) who will laugh at ALL his jokes, inane or otherwise, and share his passion for Lays potato chips. Applications invited at his email ID which you will find somewhere if you’re desperate enough!

Another half hour phone conversation with a friend in Mumbai. We had so much to catch up on, I realized. She’s been incredibly brave after her husband’s untimely death leaving her with two kids to look after. And I had my own worries to pour out. And so we chatted and chatted. It was cathartic.

I picked up the phone to call a friend in Pune, who I remembered (out of the blue, as I do sometimes!), and at that very moment my phone rang. It was the very friend I was going to call. Considering we hadn’t kept in touch over the last 4-5 months, it really freaked me out! I mean, what are the chances?!

Priceless is the word. My day was made 🙂


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