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Run, baby, run!

The Bangalore Ultra is on December 16 for those of you who want to register for it. It will be held at Hesaraghatta and the distances are 26, 52, 78 and 104 kms. It is apparently the first time the ultra is being held in Bangalore (India?) and there are a few very brave souls who are also attempting the 104 kms.

You can register here. The Fuller Life guys also have a “Runners for Life” (RFL) group who run on weekends at Cubbon Park, Lalbagh, GKVK, Bellandur etc. If you want to join in or you can prepare on your own as Sathish is doing.

Arvind Krishnan has some interesting tips here for first time runners.

I joined a couple of friends on Saturday morning at Cubbon Park for a run and of course, as expected, I couldn’t really go more than 2 rounds of the park. The RFL crowd was also there in full force and had already finished about 3-4 rounds while I puffed and panted through my second one 🙂

One round of Cubbon Park (around the periphery) is around 4.5 kms. I’m thinking of attempting the 26 kms at the Ultra (even if I have to run, walk and then crawl to the finish) as I’ve been trying to run for a long time and I need to start somewhere. But something or the other always seems to come my way. I had started jogging in the morning with the very enthusiastic Cyberscorpion but managed to get an ankle injury to add to a (bad) knee injury that I had sustained in 2004.

I’ve also bothered long distance runners Kiruba and Sathish (whose stamina and determination I admire immensely!) several times about running tips but never managed to get off the block. I guess there’s no better way to learn than to start somewhere. I’m going to give it a serious attempt this time. Wish me luck!


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