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Another chance encounter!

This reminded me of my chance encounter around this time last year.

I ran into Param and Shruti at the place I was staying in Paris (they had just returned from somewhere and were booked into the same place) and we crossed paths. Shruti, I’d met once once before, but Param I only knew virtually! It was even funnier because we’d been trying to set up a meeting in Bangalore and never quite succeeded.

That chance encounter led to a lovely evening spent on a Paris roadside drinking wine, eating French food and also meeting another familiar face, Mahesh, who was studying there.


This happened on Saturday morning. My car had gone for servicing so I was crossing the road, to take a rick for an appointment with the dentist. As luck would have it, a few ricks rejected me. Suddenly, a bike stopped right in front of me and a guy says, “Anita!” with a rather expectant look.

I look a little blankly, since he was also wearing a helmet. And I have a hard time sometimes recognizing people without their helmets, so this made it tougher. I definitely hadn’t seen the guy before, but he seemed vaguely familiar and he seemed really confident that he knew me!

“It’s me, Divs!”

For a moment I was totally lost for words! I mean what are the chances of running into Divs in the middle of BTM, while crossing the road? If I had crossed that road a few minutes earlier, we would have missed each other completely. But there we were!

But coming back to Divs – he’s been a frequent commenter on my blog for a while now. Probably over a year or so. And he’s been writing to me now and then. Just a few days ago, he wrote this really sweet post about how he was inspired to start blogging.

And suddenly, there is he is : the very same guy.

So that was my chance encounter that left me smiling for the rest of the day. Isn’t that what they’re all about? And they leave you with a totally overwhelmed feeling. Strange really, how people’s paths cross. And maybe not so strange, after all 🙂

Anyway, this one is for Divs, one of my longtime blog readers and now a blogger himself – another chance encounter I will remember for a long, long time!


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