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I realised that loads of links on my travel page were not working. Finally got around to fixing them and have also updated my 2007 travel section. I still need to add some of my latest travel reports from Agumbe and Bhutan.

I often have people emailing me or leaving comments asking for suggestions etc. on travel. I’ve also created this page with travel related links that I hope you will find useful. In case you want to suggest anything useful, do leave a comment or email me (anitabora5 at rediffmail dot com).

Another thing I realised is that many of the links in my blog roll were defunct or not working, so I’ve cleaned it up and also added a lot of my recent readers. If you’ve been a regular reader and want to be added, and I’ve left you out, please do let me know. I have also removed the drop down and changed them into normal links for easier access. The only problem is that it’s terribly long, but I think I’ll have to live with that for a while.


  1. Looks like we need to work harder to earn our place for next next revision.

    BTW will be moving to Bangalore (Godrej Woodsman Estate) next year.


  2. @ prashanth: this is like me telling people, my name is “not” anitha!

    @ thanks sangeetha!

    @ santanu: all done! you folks still owe me a visit, btw πŸ˜‰ hope to catch up when you get to bangalore!

  3. Hi Anita,

    I am a regular reader of your blog πŸ™‚
    It would be great if you could add my blog to your blogroll.


  4. great stories of travel & photos ..Could you please give you opinion about Nikon DX40 or any other Digital SLR Camera ?


  5. Hi,
    It was nice to find my name in the blogroll. Iam obliged to add yours. Anyway, being one of the first generation bloggers in India, I read your blogs often though not regulary. Keep it up.

  6. @ sandeep: you can check out any of the nikons depending on the range – nikon dx40, d70s (i think it’s out of production now though), d80 and if you have the budget, the nikon d200 which rocks!

    @ ano: thanks! will do πŸ™‚

    @ rupankar: thanks! πŸ™‚

    @ nandhu: thank you!

  7. I have been a frequent visitor of your blog! Nice posts there! I leave it upto you whether you want to add me to your blogroll – don want to make it more lengthy πŸ™‚

  8. Listen. Do not have an opinion while you listen because frankly, your opinion doesn?t hold much water outside of Your Universe. Just listen. Listen until their brain has been twisted like a dripping towel and what they have to say is all over the floor.

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