1. loved the pics….especially the second one. anita, i think you have seen more of bangalore 1n 5 months than i have in 4 years hahahaha.

    and what happened to the painting i was to commission from you?

  2. Nice pics ! I liked the ‘going home’ and ‘sheepish’ very much …

    ‘strikes a pose’ and thorny are lovely too…

    While the ‘shining through (I&II)’ are gonna really make Vasu very jealous …hahaha 🙂

  3. Thanks JD 🙂

    Aqua: I refuse to talk to you or give you anything till you call me 🙂

    Thanks Kishore. I was not awfully happy with any of the picture and most of them have been cropped. But I liked the sheep too. And what was that about Vasu being jealous?

  4. hi anita..well we (frends n myself) mgt cum to blr on our way to kerala..so can u plz gimme the list or tell me a few places we can visit when in blr….except for those malls n pubs..

  5. Hi Anita,

    You’ve captured the beauty of the countryside in these pics.

    A stanza on that.

    The wind on my face

    I’m going fast to somewhere

    The countryside beckons me

    I’m off to the hills

    To capture the stills

    Lovely pictures – memories of light captured by a shadow

    Have a nice weekend! 🙂




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