So apparently the name of this new-age matchmaking company is Marrygold : a take on the flower marigold used for weddings and auspicious ceremonies.

When I got this email, I was tempted to laugh it off. But then I read it once again and it made more sense the second time round.

Isn’t it true that many young people today are looking for the man/woman of their dreams but don’t have the time/energy/means to find someone suitable?

They work hours on end, and there’s hardly any time on the weekends. It goes in a flurry : paying bills, cleaning house and catching one’s breath : and then it’s time to start the next week again.

So where is the time to embark on a journey to find Mr or Ms Right? I have several friends who have not found their ‘ideal’ mates even after years of looking. I got an email recently from a school friend who writes that she hasn’t given up on love, she’s just waiting for Mr Right.

But how does one find Mr Right (Ms Right)? Personally, I am quite cynical about the whole concept. I think if you find a person compatible, who shares some of your ideals and beliefs, who you like spending time with – isn’t that enough to go ahead? What are the characteristics of a ‘Mr Right’, I am yet to determine. But I digress.

Are we ready for this kind of a service? Or do we still tend to go back to traditional means of finding partners? A few friends have found love beyond age, religion, state boundaries : on the Internet and some via other innovative and interesting means! A recent couple I met said they got acquainted through the radio. She heard him giving an interview on Radio City, emailed him. They spoke, exchanged emails, met. And love blossomed!

So are we today, more open to looking for love, beyond the established means? Are we, as a generation, open to marrying outside our communities, states, castes, religions etc?

In my opinion, we aren’t. Most friends who are looking for their suitable mates, still tend to stick to their own communities, not willing to look beyond either because it will be unacceptable from the family’s side or they’re not willing to take the risk (if it is one). Parents too, inspite of bringing up their kids in cosmopolitan environments go back to their communities when it comes to the question of the big M.

So where do we stand today? Do we need a Marrygold or are we perfectly ready to find partners using the traditional means?

I’d live to know what you think, whatever state you’re in : single, married, looking, not looking, cynical, optimistic…

Matchmaking with a difference

“In the hustle and bustle of the urban living, people have lesser time to interact and choose life partners. We thought about this situation and the idea to assist people in match making struck us.

‘Marrygold’ intends to help professionals above 25years of age, who do not have much time to focus on finding partners for marriage. We meet people who approach us, find out their expectations, and assist them in finding the person they are looking for. Marrygold is concerned about the mind and emotional compatibility of people who want to get married. Thus, the focus is not on caste, creed, and horoscope as criteria for marriage. We expect the same from those who need our assistance.

To register, we collect a nominal fee. We look at like-minded people, education and compatibility when looking for an individual’s life partner. At a later stage, we involve the families to finalize the marriage. We take references of friends and family members from each applicant and verify the authenticity and intention before proceeding with registration.

Registration form has a personal touch to help us know more about an individual and his/her choice of partner. We find out like-minded people among the applicants or even outside, meet them, and fix a time and place for both to have a conversation. This is usually in coffee shops or other such places and not in secluded places. We then let them take a decision.

‘Marrygold’ is coined from the flower ‘marigold’, which is used along rose petals to shower blessings on couples in Indian weddings. The orange colour of the flower signifies Hope and Optimism.”

1564-1566 Nilgiris Super Market Cross Road
St. Thomas Town P O
Bangalore -560 084 (landmark – Nilgiris Market)
Ph: 080-25806055

Contact Matchmakers : Nandini Chakraborty & Aparna Viswanathan

30 thoughts on “Are we ready for Marrygold?

  1. Interesting! It sounds like another matrimonial bureau. One can find many in Bangalore. Maybe I can give it a try here as well. 😉

  2. Anita, this is evry interesting… esp the last bit – what are “traditional means” – what marrygold does, i.e. matchmaking, is one of the most traditional means of finding a partner! but it is interesting the way they have positoined themselves- to begin with, the 25+ age is a very clever move… I guess more and more young people are opting for such means of finding partners…

  3. Ha! Ha ! I laughed at first, it was something about Marry and Gold together, sounded like a greedy connotation. Anyway, I would say it is not a bad business venture at all.

  4. Anita, I am not sure what profession you are in. But atleast its popular in techies to use such service. It saves time which we have to spend in the traditional ways and best thing is they can do it at their desktops 😉

  5. Well, its not a bad idea – given the fact that there are websites now taking match making to new dimensions such as which even offers compatibility tests and what not. Would I use one such service – yes , why because am of the type who’ll try anything and everything *sane* in this world before I die :).

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  7. I guess irrespective of how much analysis / compatibility tests that one performs prior to the marriage, the real test only starts post marriage.
    Its what one does post marriage that counts rather than how much of planning and thinking that one does prior to it.
    This is the only place where the old adage “proper planning is 80% battle won” does not apply.

  8. Some yrs ago I was sceptical of all such sites..But now I have seen so many youngsters going ahead with it and really finding partners they and families approve of,that i now feel that it is a great way forward..

  9. Hi Anita, like some of the commenters above I personally know a couple people who have used matchmaking sites (and presumably is what Marrygold is another one) and have successfully found life partners through them. In those cases it was a “last resort” option where the issue wasn’t so much about not having the time – but was more motivated by the fact that the sheer availability of candidates (I hate to use this sort of language!) had dried up and there was a need to cast the net more widely – something that the Internet has made much more possible I suppose. Of course, being married myself I cannot judge whether I would use such a service – but I certainly would have considered it if I really felt lonely and frustrated at not being able to find a partner through more traditional “offline” means. (You see, my wife and I met for the first time during a mutual friend’s birthday dinner party which I attended with another lady-friend I was dating at the time – but lady-friend and I had a bust up at the dinner table and we ended up travelling separately on the way home afterwards – which is when I found myself sitting on suburban train next to my wife-to-be! There is something about the “fate” of it that I am much more comfortable with than premeditation involved with an Internet search.) Also I probably wouldn’t want to use a service which attempted to find a partner with common interests as me: I’m not sure I could spend the rest of my life with someone exactly like me!

  10. I thinks that nowadays there is so much of choice and guys/girls do not have the time to actually search and find a guy for themselves. So they would rather have some agency search for them.

    Funny thing is that they would rather have an agency search for them than have their own parents {who would be looking forward to doing this} do it.

  11. hey there… interesting read.. am gonna keep all this in my mind and lets see how i can make marrygold better or different … or should i just change the name a lil…

  12. “In the hustle and bustle of the urban living, people have lesser time to interact and choose life partners”

    If singles donot have the time to search for partners, how will they have the time to devote for their nuptial partnership???..

  13. For a person like me who’s 34 the web sites and services like this are a great way of meeting people. Arranged marriage was always an unacceptable option. I consider these servies just a means of meeting people, nothing more, the responsiblity of knowing what one needs rests with me still.

  14. Hey Anita,

    I have come across your blog recently. I found it refreshing and very nice. Keep up the good work. I must says I did saw couple of your and other photographer frens’ pic on Flickr. And I am amazed You folks are wonderful at camera.. Keep up the good work.
    I am commenting on this post. Cos this kind of touches the chord inside. I got married almost 3 years now. I never used any website. But my husband did pay for And surprising He landed a person who never liked the idea of putting once choice on internet about life partner. But now times are changing fast.. One can find loe anywhere.. And may not find love any where too. What I think , finding our imagination are sometime so perfect that its hard to find someone near around to fill it up..

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  16. Hi,

    Can anyone give me the most updated ctc details of Marrygold, am not able to get through them.

    Warm Rgds

  17. Hi,
    all i can say about this is that my experience as a guardina of my child with this service has been simply terrible.No point is enrolling in with such service providers who do not have a sense of committment

  18. You would not believe what astrology can do for matchmaking. What makes it really helpful is that people can’t supply false answers to applications. They’re opinion of themself does not matter. What their charts say they are, is all that matters.

  19. A friend of mine had enrolled in this service in 2006-2007, and I was thinking to enroll, but he found it a waste of money. The providers have no credible background in this area. There is no sense of commitment, they would often provide mismatched profiles, and were poor in their communication (they just disappeared after the membership term ended, no messages or offer to keep looking)

  20. i like the concept and read it in news paper more than a year ago. now gotto see a blog in this. my wishes for this team to help many to find a match

  21. Hallo I have been trying to get your telephone no but to no avail and we do indeed need to contact you . Could you please mail or sms your phone nos or mail me ? The old nos of marrygold have changed .thank you rekha rao mob 9591232410

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