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Sights and sounds of an Indian marketplace

Marketplaces never cease to fascinate me. I can sit and watch the going-ons for hours. There’s so much action. Buying, selling, haggling, transporting, cutting, trimming, sorting, cleaning – it’s all there.

Saturday morning, I made a trip to Russell market. After two years in Bangalore, I thought it was high time. I reached around 6.30 am in the morning. Vendors were busy sorting through mountains of vegetables. Saturday mass was starting at the church nearby. Flower and candle sellers had already set up shop for the day.

An old beggar sat in the corner of the pavement accosting anyone who was entering the church. He would stick his hand out insistently and then whether he got something or not, he would go back and sit and chat with his fellow beggar for a bit. And then it was back to business again.

Veggies, anyone?

About half an hour later, Sabir joined me. We noticed another gentleman opposite the church carrying what had to be a camera bag. “Another photographer,” said Sabir before we carried on walking towards the huge building that houses the market.

Roses are red

Later, we found out that it was none other than Deepsan, who was waiting for Zeeshan (who was horribly late!) and Cyberscorpion who had all planned to meet around 7.30 am.

So five of us wandered around the marketplace for a couple of hours. I found the fish section most fascinating, and not to mention… very smelly! You won’t find so much action even in an Olympic swimming pool! Fishes, crabs, squid, clam, prawns – of all sizes and shapes – ready for buyers. Vendors shouting. Then someone nudged me saying, Fish maydum? I looked at it longingly and then realised that it was way too
much fish for me and Kit Kit to eat.

Maydum, want fish?

After wandering through the vegetable market, the meat market and then the flower market we stepped back out into the sunshine. Across the street, Sabir suggested we step into the alley where they sell second, third and ‘no’ grade vehicle parts. We came upon a charming young boy called Yunus who was setting up shop and posed happily for us. Not only that, he also went and got a few of his friends to be photographed and they all took turned while we clicked away.

Some pictures from Russell Market.


  1. neha says

    hey… was looking for information on gokarna… your experience there, sounds great fun. I’m new to blore, any idea where to get rucksacks and sleeping bags from, around here?? also, anything else we shoudl knwo before we make the trip…?? it woudl be helpful.. 🙂

  2. Hey, My favourite market in Bangalore – I go there braving all the traffic and difficulties of parking, anytime I have an excuse. Did you get to see the antique furniture shops in the corner and the cane market too? And I love the variety of fruits you can get there – avocados and kiwi fruits and melons of so many varieties. Lovely photos too.

  3. Since you live in Bangalore, you might know whether the Landmark bookstore has all the books (in their bookstore in Bangalore)that it displays on its website.

    If you don’t mind, could you please send a short reply (just a yes or no) to


  4. After two years in Bangalore, I thought it was high time
    ha! have been in Bangalore all my life and this was my first time to this place!

  5. Nitha says


    Well I am completly new to this kind of chatting..but it is fun to knw others view..The Ruselll seems to be close Commerical Street if I am not wrong..been there myself when I was young..though I am not Bglore citizen I still have fine memories of tht place..As a kid it was alwys fun to see Elders bargaining with the shabzi walla…u knw something like wining…U really make the dull place very Bful..

  6. Its really a cool idea to go to a crowded place like Fruit & vegetable market or sunday market on a sunday morning and freak around & click pics. I would love to do it but hardly possible.
    BTW nice pictures.

  7. I read your blog regularly and wanted to drop in a note that both your blog and your photos are fascinating. Its been about 6+ years since I have left India and I sure did miss some sights and sounds.
    I love the picture of the veggies you got in this post…

  8. Hey Anita,
    It was fun at the Russel Market today, with Lavannya and Zeeshan (who was ‘horribly late’ once again!). Hope we all can make it together on another Sunday. Well, we have great plans of shooting there every Sunday morning, ha!

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