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Heartwarming story!

Have you folks read or watched ‘Message in a Bottle’? I loved the book and cried dollops watching the movie. And unbelievable as it was, you still tend to cling on to the fact that maybe these things happen. Just as the protagonist of the novel sets out (even against everyone’s advice) to find the man whose message she found in the bottle, she is filled with a determination that cannot be explained.

It was with a sense of déjà vu that I listened to Usha narrating the story about what happened to her. I could hardly believe it.

She had posted about a note she found inside a book somewhere in 2004. Nearly a year later, she got a reply in the letter from the owner of the note, who had found her post on the Internet. Even more amazing is that Usha, with her amazing perceptiveness, was right about most of the things that she had surmised about the author (based on the note)!

Read it to believe it! Such stories are rare but heartwarming…


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