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Hello India in Bangalore!

Flickr users in Bangalore, do come by the Lalit Ashok tomorrow!

The second in the series of Hello India events in India is going to be held on April 21.

The event is from 7-11 pm and details are also on Upcoming. Like any Yahoo! event, this promises to be an interesting and fun evening that you shouldn’t miss.

I’ve been using Flickr for years now (since 2004 when I moved to Bangalore and discovered it!) and I looked back into my archives to find the first picture I posted – here it is!

pretty in pink

How long have you been a Flickr user and what was your first picture posted?


  1. Hi Anita,
    A response unrelated to the post… A newbie in the blog world (atleast in terms of writing)… I went back today and owe you a thank you for that…

    Thats where I live in the web world.. Pardon the layout and the boring look, will get to work on that..


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