1. hey babe….good pics da..

    only mine is horrible…why did you make me look doped? you could’ve shot me with my eyes wide open ..nahi?

    nice pics..i must say…great doing…

    including the veggie and all…do enter this months’s competition..nahi to maar dalungi!

  2. Luv, I kinda liked the half open (half shut) look. Kind of seductive na?! Haha. Totally loved the bindi though. šŸ™‚

  3. how do i get on the indian bloggers list. and the pix are great. (was that a bit too-obviously-late addition?)

  4. Hi Anita,

    Great pictures though I think the 4th one is degrading and against “The Prevention Of Insults To National Honour Act, 1971” as the Indian flag is being displayed with the saffron part down. (http://mha.nic.in/nationalflag2002.htm) I’m sure not many are aware of this code. šŸ™‚

  5. May I suggest to take off the penultimate one šŸ™‚

    The veggie vendor is – ofcourse a neat shot šŸ™‚

  6. Kraz: please write to me at anitabora5 at rediffmail dot com

    Thank Mehak…

    Prads: It’s definitely not a nice sight. And therefore the title of the picture.

    Arun: Why remove it? I’ve only recorded what I saw. I know it’s not a pretty picture. And that’s just the point. Everything you see around you isn’t na? We can’t remove the unpleasant side out of life just because it doesn’t look good. so it stays for now.

  7. I think the title of the picture is justified. It’s indeed ironic but I’m sure (or would take it as) the guy didn’t know he was disrespecting the national flag. Well, it’s your journal and I’m noone to ask you for removing it but I think it’s kind of a contrast to the whole experience and also leaves a bad taste at the end.

  8. Danto: I think it will stay on for now!

    Prads: It is definitely not a pretty sight. And I think that is what our country is all about – it is a bundle of contradictions. But I don’t see why we have to shy away from the ugly side. It’s exists and I don’t think we can ignore it in a country like ours. We see scenes and sights like this everyday and worse, everywhere and everyday and we can’t exactly move around with our eyes closed…

    Thanks Kunal.

  9. Hey! you are doing wonders with the camera already! Beautiful pictures and nice choice of subjects..

  10. narasimhaswamy says

    hey Anita,

    pics r very nice.. ofcourse u also very nice with nice bindiii šŸ™‚

    gr8 yar..



  11. Sathish says

    B’full n colorfull pics… gud work.. u shd hav submitted ur snaps for the last month compition.



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