I was looking through my trip photographs and decided to pick one or two from every place I visited and do a quick photo essay : a memory recap through all the places and sights I saw and the people I met. Just little memories that keep popping up… Here they are, countrywise, but in no particular order.

London Cabbies
London Cabbies: I loved them. They are bright, spacious (not sure what model of cars they are, but they look cute) and they are used generously for publicity purposes. So you have these colourful moving advertisements teasing you as they pass you by. As I later found out, the drivers can be pretty interesting too.

(Warning: longish post with quite a few pictures)

By the river Thames: Alongwith with friend Sangeeta, her hubby Prateek and sister, we drove down to Windsor Castle. It turned out to be a sunny and beautiful day as we took a walk along the river and enjoyed watching people go by as we sat and had lunch at a streetside café. For a moment, I imagined living in this cute house by the river 🙂
By the river Thames
sacre coeur A drizzly day in Barcelona: Undeterred and without an umbrella, I decided to do some gallivanting and reached the only familiar place I knew (I had seen it when I arrived) called Placa Espanya. From there, it’s a walk up to the Palau Nacional, where there is a museum, a beautiful garden and also the Olympics stadium further up the hill. I stood here for a moment looking out into the rain and drank in the view.

La Mercat Bouqueria: Attracted by the noise and atmosphere as I walked down the Las Ramblas, I chanced upon this vibrant market place. Rows of vegetable and meat shops and little booths at intervals for folks to eat and drink. In one corner, a gang of street performers kept the crowd entertained. As I walked around, I came across this relatively uncrowded and shaded section…
the market place
Lake Léman
Evening by Lake Léman, Switzerland: Steph drove us down to the lakeside on a Sunday evening and though it was slightly overcast, there were quite a few people enjoying the beautiful views. The cloudy mist covered mountains in the distance providing the perfect background for this idyllic lake. A sailboat going out for an evening spin, kids playing in the carousel (and parents waiting on the side!), skaters and rollerbladers getting their evening exercise, couples roaming around hand in hand : the place had just the feel of a lazy Sunday evening. I had faint flashes in my mind of Madivala lake behind my house being turned into a similar setting. Ah, one can dream, ay?

Last evening @ Lausanne: I was writing something in my diary at Steph’s place when I glanced out of her kitchen window, not without a tinge of sadness. Then I went rushing to look for my camera not wanting to let go of the moment. Thanks Steph, for such a wonderful time 🙂 And of course, meeting Vrinda was an added bonus.
view from steph's window
bird eye view of eiffel tower
First glimpse of the Eiffel Tower: I walked up from the Trocadera Gardens metro station and came upon the gorgeous and towering Eiffel Tower. I stayed here for a while looking at all the other tourists like me, busy taking pictures in front of the Tower. How can one visit this place and not take a picture in front of it? Just as I was devising schemes to get myself in a frame, this young Chinese tourist came up to me and asked me to take his picture. I obliged and he then he volunteered to do the same. So there, I too have a picture now (and this one is not it!). After he left, this sweet pigeon decided I needed some company and sat on the ledge as I admired France’s most famous monument…

Towering presense: Later that same evening, from my bus I sighted upon the Eiffel Tower again, this time from a distance, a rather beautiful sight against the darkening evening sky.
Eiffel Tower
taking a break
In the shade of the Sacre Coeur: Taking Jag’s advice, I decided to walk up the hill (instead of taking the funicular : a small lift like structure) where the beautiful and grand Basilica of Sacre Coeur is situated. I got down at Montmartre from the bus and walked around the narrow cobbled streets for a bit, enjoying the sunshine and the hustle and bustle of the place. Got myself a sandwich, which I ate sitting on a bench, just beside the carousel and watched the kids play for a while. Then I took the stairs up. As you climb the hill, there are benches placed thoughtfully at intervals. So in case you get tired on the way, you can take a break and enjoy the lovely view.

Scottish countryside: As we made our way by bus from Edinburgh into the Scottish heartland, all we could see for miles on end were rolling hills and sheep. The bus driver helpfully informed us that there were 3 million people and 7 million sheep in Scotland. Amazing, innit?! A few hours into the journey we entered what is called the moorlands : just miles and miles of desolate undulating land covered in moss coloured bracken.
Scottish country
Loch Ness
Looking for Nessie: After the desolate moorland, the scenery slowly changes and becomes more forested as we approach the Ness area, home to the famous Loch Ness lake and monster. How could I resist ride on the boat to go look for Nessie? Having heard so much about this famous monster, it was quite a thrill to finally visit the lake where she has granted many supposed sightings over the years. Whether Ness really lives down there or not, the loch continues to profit from all the folklore and myth.

A day @ Inverness: The river Ness that flows through the town of Inverness eventually joins the Loch Ness. All through the river’s journey is a pathway beside for those who are adventurous enough to walk. Not feeling that adventurous we decided to walk around the town instead. Being Sunday, everything was closed. It was dark and gloomy and drizzling a little. But the sun came out after a while and that cheered us up considerably as sat by the river reading newspapers. After a while, Aparna (a friend’s friend) came and picked us up from there and we shall be forever grateful for her graciousness as she took us both home and we chilled out there for the rest of the day till we had to catch our bus back to Glasgow.

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  1. If you ever start tutorials on “great photography tips” by Anita Bora. Please, please do invite me.
    Amazing shots and seems like you indeed had a great trip. Besides the world looks so very different from the eyes of a photographer. Like the pigeon pegged opp. the Eiffel Tower – Beautiful.

  2. Hey
    just wanted to say .what if you slep and shot the pigeon/eiffel tower picture you know with the picture as low as possible in the pic and more of the eiffel tower pic you would get more of the tower and the myriad buildings at the back & sky while the bird in the fore ground also maybe if you could come directly behind the bird and get more of the tower dunno just suggestion

  3. absolutely enchanting!! the photos were so beautifully placed, that they seemed to take off where the words left, and bring you right back to the next paragraph, where it starts 🙂

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