We started the discussion about a trip to the North East quite a while ago. Initially (and as expected), there were quite a few people interested. A few even booked and had to cancel due to work and other reasons. But finally, as the day of our departure dawns (today evening!) there are 4 of us who will be flying out to do some travelling in the region for about 15 days.

I am especially looking forward to this trip because whenever I go homewards, I usually spend time with the family and get back. There is hardly any time left for travel or exploring. This time however, I’ve decided that I want to see more of the North East, do some photography and have warned my family accordingly!

We plan to visit 3 states: Meghalaya, Assam and then Arunachal Pradesh. In Assam, we will be covering Kaziranga and Majuli (the largest river island in the world), Hajo, Sualkuchi (the centre of Assamese silk industry), Tezpur and Jorhat.

In Arunachal, we will travel up to the beautiful town of Tawang, nestled in the gorgeous Tawang valley and home to the second largest Buddhist monastery in Asia. In Meghalaya, we’ll be visiting Shillong (the town I grew up!), Cherrapunjee and Mawlynnong (which was recommended by friends, supposedly one of the cleanest villages in Asia!). We’ve kept it at 3 states because trying to cover more in 15 days would be too ambitious, especially in the North East where the roads are hilly and sometimes quite difficult and where a 100 km journey usually takes about 3 hours time.

I am not sure if I’ll be inclined to post much during the journey. But hope to come back with loads of travel notes and images of this beautiful part of the country!

21 thoughts on “Homeward bound!

  1. Hi, this is Deepak Rawat. I have read your posts on your blog, i can say you are really good. Pls visit my site-http://www.deepaktherebel.blogspot.com.I want ot reciprocate links with you.

  2. howdy! its nidhi..you were nice enough to do a post about the travel community, oktatabyebye on your blog sometime back..just thought id say hello:)
    have a great trip!

  3. Glad to hear you’re coming ‘home’.

    Think I saw you leaving the Bamboo Hut at Raps this afternoon. Couldn’t be sure, because I was looking madly for a place to park.

  4. I envy 4 of u – How u all get so many holidays – which company ? I wud like to hop for this reason atleast !!! Bon Voyage – Enjoy the trip !!

    P.S If I was there – I would love to be part of u’r team to NE , if it is ok for all of u pls inform me before hand for u’r next trip – anywhere in INDIA in the month of JULY, I will make it .

  5. Kalyan: Thanks! I think he will be in Nameri too but I’m not sure we’ll be making it else we would have bumped into him!

    Rajesh: Thanks!

    Kousik: Thanks and will do πŸ™‚

    deepak: thanks!

    Mehak: of course! will do πŸ™‚

    Paavani: yes, really exciting!

    Prashanth M Says: thanks!

    Aqua: Will try and get your boraii!

    nidhi: thanks! will do πŸ™‚

    Vanlal: Hey, that was us all right!! what a coincidence. Btw, thanks for your suggestion. We did manage to go to Mawlynnong and had a wonderful time there. It was a lovely place!!

    Prasoon: Thanks!

    Vinod: πŸ™‚ all accumulated leave!

    Suman: thanks!

    Kishore Murthy: Will πŸ™‚

    Kaushal Karkhanis: yes, i did. noticed you’d been to tawang! will get pictures πŸ™‚

  6. This is going to be a wonderful trip. I know because I was there. Anita, please convey my regards to your father who made my visit to Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, and Meghalaya successful back in 2003. I look forward to seeing your photos from there!

  7. HI Anita,

    I just chanced upon your blog..u hv done a helluva job.Keep going.

    wish u success for your trip with a request to post elaborate post and pics.


  8. Hi,

    You have chosen a wonderful part of India to explore. The eastern part of the Indian subcontinent is really filled with exotic sights and pulsating with tribal culture.

    The experience in this part of India is always going to be one of its kind.

    I love going to Kaziranga which is one of the last refuges for the Indian one-horned rhino.


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