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A season for new beginnings

March and then April has been a month of changes. Old giving way to the new. I think all the stars aligned in a certain direction and cosmic forces decided it was time that I was lodged out of my familiar circumstances and surroundings.

March heralded a new house and in April I moved on to a new job.

After more than a 2 year wait, I finally moved into my new flat. I have written earlier about my woes about finding a place in Bangalore. Let me say this : it hasn’t been easy! Whether it was the location or the builder or deciding on a small complex vs big complex, confusion prevailed for a long time. Advise and information sometimes has adverse effects like paralysis by analysis! Finally, probably, more out of frustration, I said, “show me the agreement” and signed the dotted line (yes, it is as ominous as it sounds!).

Over the last couple of years, it has not been an easy ride. For one, the builder kept delaying the finish date but yet insisted I pay all the money (same old story) and promised the flat would be ready by the beginning of the year. Of course, come January and it still wasn’t complete. There was always something pending. So finally, fed up of the nonsense, I decided that enough was enough and moved bag and baggage into the new place.

Only a few small things I had overlooked : some of the windows are yet to be fixed, the lift is yet to be done and there are minor problems creeping up everyday either in the plumbing or in the electricity department but I’ve decided that I will subject myself to the inconvenience of it all!

And now, after having spent all my savings and mortgaging my life to a financial institution – I have no money left for furniture – chairs, tables, wardrobes and all those necessary but prohibitively expensive evils you need to turn a house into a home. Of late, visits to several furniture warehouses, has revealed that the price of a chair can feed a child for a year in Somalia. It’s rather unfair. I will resist buying chairs for a while.

So here I am looking over the big expanse of my bare living room and the flat wondering how long it will take me now to fill it up. On the flip side, a house without much furniture is actually quite pleasant and airy. And cleaning is easier as there aren’t too many dark hidden corners. But I am quite apprehensive for friends who might have to carry their own foldable chairs when they come visiting. So the next thing on my agenda is “operation furnish flat” soon to be launched. I estimate it might turn into a year long exercise but now I have all the time.

On the other hand, it is also quite an interesting phase of life where I am thinking mostly of accessories and drapes and wondering what colour curtains and cushions will go well with the living room wall. Or what kind of bar stool I should acquire for the breakfast table. And trying to figure out where I saw that 70% off discount sale board. And where my friend bought her really cool light fittings. Suggestions of course come in about what I could and should do : but I guess that too is a part of the homeowner’s experience : to be taken and used as relevant 🙂

It is a nice feeling to plot, plan and think up things to do in the house (whether it gets implemented or not is another story!). I don’t consider myself much of a design or aesthetically adept person when it comes to interiors and homes so it’s even more challenging for me. But I am seriously thinking of subscribing to Better Interiors for inspiration.

I am settling into my new routine of taking a different road to work everyday and then coming back to a new home in the evening. It’s all quite novel and I am enjoying it while the feeling lasts.

In the good news, I should be able to maintain my online life (read: update blog!) a little more regularly now.

So here it is – a toast to new beginnings!


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