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New beginnings

I know! We’re well into the New Year and my blog’s looking really ignored. Someone emailed me today and asked me what the matter was. It’s true. And I’ve been ignoring the blog for a while but I have a good excuse. Life and all its exigencies 🙂

After a lovely but tiring trek on the 31st, welcomed the New Year in the jungles of Masinagudi. Spent most of it around the bonfire, playing games like Pictionary, DC and then Truth or Dare. A rather quiet but nice way to herald 2007…

It’s been a hectic time thereafter, both on the work front and personally. I’ve lost count of the number of January birthdays already. And I’m wondering why there are so many people I know born this month!

Some more travel into the New year including a trek in the beautiful ranges of Mullayangiri and Babubudangiri : really gorgeous scenery and lovely weather all through. Camped out on top of a hill by Galikere lake (aka Lake of Winds) with a 360 degree view of the mountains, valleys and forests and several water bodies around and got to wake up to a beautiful sunrise in the morning. The trip report and pics are coming. In the meanwhile, a glimpse of the beautiful Nilgiris.

Blue Mountains
The sun setting behind the blue mountains

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