1. Everything should be working fine now. Please CC problems to madman AT madmanweb DOT com.

  2. That is some elite company you are in, sitting in a rack in the vicinity of BoingBoing’s box.

    How come you are moving away from Vesana?

  3. Madman: Good lord, that is the first time (not quite actually, if you count Meg in) that a chef has gone for a dedicated box. Care to enlighten us, why, where and how much? Or is it just a colo box?

    A long time back I had tried floating the idea of getting 10 people together and getting a dedicated server (100 GB of bandwidth per person can’t suck that much). Never worked out though.

  4. Ah, I see CPanel in charge of affairs at the wwwroot level. Can’t be dedicated/colo of your own then. Strange place to host though, quite expensive compared to other joints.

  5. Codey, my lips are sealed. 😉

    But knowing me, you’d have figured that I’m not the type to go for the “more expensive than others” deal. 😀

  6. Umm.. kind of guessed that much. Speaking of deals just be coming down your part of the country sometime in July, provided I can stay sane till then, mainly because I have to check out that famous joint of yours. Fingers crossed here.

  7. Hi,

    Read your post and the “Solpa Adjust Madi” line made me smile. On second thoughts, I realised that it should have actually been “Swolpa adjust maadkoLi”. And if I would have been sitting in a crowded BTS bus, I would have heard, “Swolpa adjust maadkoL Ree” from someone wanting a small space to sit beside me 🙂

    hmm..Brings me back memories from my days in B’lore..

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