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Blog Meet Update

The next Bangalore bloggers meet is on May 15, 2005. This time we have a special guest – the marathon man and blogger – Kiruba Shankar who will be joining us. He will probably be tired after the marathon, but he promises to be there – even if he has to crawl in!

The Venue: BARISTA, St Mark’s Road
Time: 4.00 pm

The confirmed list so far:

















And of course, Kiruba and me. If you can make it, please leave a comment on this post. Hope to see you folks on May 15.


  1. Hey! Came here through Shub’s blog. I’m certainly going to chide Shub for not letting me know about this soon enough! Grr… I am not in Bangalore right now but would have certainly loved to make it to the meet. Anyway there is always a next time. *sigh* Make sure to post lotza snaps from the meet though. 🙂 Catch up with you all soon!

  2. Oopz… just read elsewhere in your blog that those traveling to Hawai were not suppossed to leave comment! 😀 Ok now that I have already done that, you have no option but to bear with me. BTW I was gonna say I am in Mumbai but Hawai doesn’t sound that bad either. :p Kidding… would love to catch up with you folks soon. Haffun!!

  3. hey damn am out of station this 15th!! and i miss two things i wanted to attend so BAD-the marathon and a blog meet!! can you tell me the next meet??


  4. Hi Folks,

    Came thru Prabhus blog. Cant make it, but wish you guys all luck.

    Anita – your photo blog is just awesome. Keep it going, hope to meet you folks when I get back to bangalore.

  5. Heh!! that sounds interesting..

    guess i’ll also drop in.. maybe literally as i’m also going for the marathon.. 😉

  6. I am too far away to be there. Do you guys have internet access there…I can audio or Video conference in. It must be fun. Do let me know.

  7. Any of you folks turning up for the marathon? I hope I can make it to the meet 🙂

  8. I will be there. I am doing the half marathon and hopefully I will be in one piece to drop by.

  9. hey,

    somehow, i’m very interested in this! 🙂 nice blog you have here?!


  10. Hi,

    Thanks to shub i got to know that bloggers do come out and meet people.will be really happy if iam allowed to join this group.

    plz accept my req to join this group for the meet.

    and let me know how can i identify myself when iam there?

  11. I am new to this…. say just three months old and dont know most personally other than just going thru their blogs.

    So i dont know if it ll be ok if i suddenly meet u all right???

  12. Thanks to shub i got to know that bloggers do come out and meet people.

    Yes, it’s one of the rare times that we get out of the black caves we otherwise live in. Human contact more than once every year is forbidden in the Blogger Bible.

  13. yuuupppeeee…it wouldn’t be just another sunday 😉 looking forward to see you guys there…

  14. well! another event.. another meet .. I am going to miss.. somehow these conspire to happen on the days I have duty.. #$@#

    have fun.. and I might even make it for a peek.. u can never say.. hahaha.. well! who am I kidding!!

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