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How to start the day in style

How to start the day in style!, originally uploaded by anitabora.

In Mangalore, sis and me walked into a Dosa Camp and got served these huge dosas for breakfast last Sunday. Of course, if we did this everyday, we’d probably have to settle down there.

I like to start my day with a good breakfast. It keeps me adequately nourished till lunch time. Usually, it’s a fresh fruit juice and an idli/vada or a dosa (smaller in size though!). This, of course, is an acquired South Indian habit, since I now reside in South India. I absolutely hate milk (except in my tea) and stopped drinking it somewhere in the 1970s much to the dismay of my mother! But I read somewhere that milk does no good to you once you’re grown up and I’m not sure how true this fact is, but I’ve decided to believe it as it makes me feel better.

In Mumbai, I’d gotten used to rushing out to catch the local without even a cup of tea. At office, I’d gulp down about 2-3 cups of tea before lunch.

I’ve managed to cut down on the tea now. But eating a good breakfast definitely gives me a satisfied feeling! I could probably survive on a frugal lunch, but I am quite particular about the first meal of the day.

Ideally, I would love to start my day with a freshly made lime juice, scrambled eggs on toast (or a poached egg), cornflakes, fruit and a cup of tea. However, since I am extremely lazy in the morning, I resort to hot idli vadas 🙂 They’re not too bad either.

And what do you like having for breakfast?


  1. Joy M says

    Wow, that dosa looks damn good. Afterall, I have heard that, that area is birthplace of Masala Dosa – i.e.Udupi!

    Reminds me of my days at Mangalore – I worked there for Infosys. Have to say the people in whole Mangalore – Udupi region are one of the most cultured area I have ever seen in India. Very educated (100% literacy?) and prosperous middle class and hardly any beggars. Almost everyone speaks English/Hindi. Not to mention the beautiful beaches, temples and various local arts – Yakshagana and other worships (Naga pooja, Bhoota worship). Excellent transport system by private operators – only place in India where I saw local buses running “on the dot” (ex: 11:02, 12:54 etc).

    And last but not the least – the food with plenty of coconut in sambar, curry and pretty much everything…delicious!!

    As you can see I really liked that area even though I lived only for one year!!

    Joy Mukherjee

  2. That dosa is making my mouth water

    My breakfast

    idli / dosa – with piping hot sambar, chutney (coconut, tomato, onion, coriander), chutney powder

    a glass of juice / milkshake / a bowl of fruits

    Of course, now that its the season of the King of Fruits, I have something to do with Mango everyday 🙂

  3. that’s a crispy dosa! :p.. yum..

    been here after long! that full moon pic looks abs great.. n the concept of music under an open moonlit sky is just too good.. wish some options like these were available up north..

    plus i must say u guys are really great to have had the 3rd exhibition of ur photography club in 6 months! that’s great work..

    I havent read that India today yet.. will try to get it.. its true that some paper/mag writes about it and then everyone suddenly realises that they need to do something about it too 🙂

  4. Wowwwwwwwwwww…..


    Send it thru DHL Pls.. they know the whole of Asia Pacific… They’ll deliver it to Gold coast, Aus.

    My breakfast… had to settle with apples.. 🙂

  5. Ah, what would I not trade for a bite of that heavenly delight of a dosai! It truly is God’s own breakfast.

    My ideal day would begin with a sip of Earl Grey followed by dosai (with 3 different chutneys and sambar), a plate of idiappam, a bowl of sambar vadai and some half-a-dozen idlis all washed down with another cup of Earl Grey. But I usually just have a bowl of Weetabix with skimmed milk.

  6. When i was in Mangalore, i had cheese omlette toast and fresh orange juice for breakfast. On a daily basis i have idly vada and strong filter cawfee!

  7. that looks yummmmmmmmmmmy!!! 🙂

    what do i like having for breakfast? whatever ma makes!! 🙂

  8. I’ve given up tea long the true manglorean that i am..i drink’s a much healthier option

  9. The dosa looks so yummy! I wish I could start each day with a dosa/idli meal :). Also, I notice that since you got a Flickr Pro account, you are going berserk with pictures…coool…keep them coming.

  10. dreaming about : Vada,piping hot sambhar,one double strong sugar less filter kaapi 😉

    reality: living on cereal bars and flavoured yogurt…:(

    waiting to return and have all for real those that am dreaming now 🙂

  11. arre, dat dosa looks awesome…mouth watering. Wish could start my day with this. lucky u!!!

  12. I too would like to hv masala dosa but in seattle i had to settle with maggi/bread & black coffee:-(

  13. Anita,I totally agree, that a good breakfast is needed. Even the doctors advise to have a good breakfast, failure of which results in “ulcer” amongst other things.

    I totally disagree about the “milk” part. Here in the US, the dairy corporation run this “hugely” popular ad , which says “Got Milk”

    My breakfast begins and ends with “cereals”… dosas are for special occassions. 🙁

  14. I like Ultimate Omlette with Toast. [That’s Danny’s special here in States.]

    When I was in Mangalore, I liked having Scrambled Egg with Toast + Idli (or Upma or Dahi Vada). Wow, it used to be so much fun! 🙂


  15. Rakesh says

    Coming from the GSB Konkani speaking community in Karnataka, I love to have ‘Pan Polo’ for breakfast. Kannadigas call it ‘Neer dosa’ or water dosa. And for a good reason – these are wafer thin translucent dosas that are folded into a triangular…well, ‘pan’ like shape before being served. Usually eaten with fresh coconut chutney with mustard seed+ curry leaf seasoning or *and my favorite* onion chutney.

    When I go home, I can easily gobble up 10-15 of them before my mom starts frowning…

    Looking forward to my trip home soon…pan polo, here I come…

  16. Anita is probably referring to lactose intolerance, where about 70% of the world’s population loses the ability to digest milk. North Americans and Europeans are a notable exception.

  17. Its same with me too!! Cant miss Breakfast no matter what! I cant start my work without it…btw,Isn’t it true that the Sambhar made in Karnataka is a little sweeter (I think they add Jaggery) than whats made in other parts of South India? Dosa’s are always a treat for Breakfast. I do not mind Vada Pav’s also. And on a lazy Sunday morning, Cheese Omelette with Bread Toasted 😀 btw, the pictures of Dosa have made me hungry in the middle of the night.

  18. sarva says

    hot idli with fresh coconut chutney is ideal breakfast for me.sunday breakfast will be unbeatable yummy combination non-veg kurmas with dosas.

  19. Rick says

    a heavenly breakfast i have done without for too long. i acquired the dosa habit (masala, set, onion et al) when i worked in bangalore a couple of years ago. i returned to the states with a chutnified palate. fortunately for me, my work takes me back next month.
    my breakfast usually consists of the aforementioned dosa, sambar, mango/coconut chutney (jaasti) and coffee filter w/o sugar (one before-one after)
    then i can seize the day in a correct fashion.
    thanks for the photo (drool)

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