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How to start the day in style

How to start the day in style!, originally uploaded by anitabora.

In Mangalore, sis and me walked into a Dosa Camp and got served these huge dosas for breakfast last Sunday. Of course, if we did this everyday, we’d probably have to settle down there.

I like to start my day with a good breakfast. It keeps me adequately nourished till lunch time. Usually, it’s a fresh fruit juice and an idli/vada or a dosa (smaller in size though!). This, of course, is an acquired South Indian habit, since I now reside in South India. I absolutely hate milk (except in my tea) and stopped drinking it somewhere in the 1970s much to the dismay of my mother! But I read somewhere that milk does no good to you once you’re grown up and I’m not sure how true this fact is, but I’ve decided to believe it as it makes me feel better.

In Mumbai, I’d gotten used to rushing out to catch the local without even a cup of tea. At office, I’d gulp down about 2-3 cups of tea before lunch.

I’ve managed to cut down on the tea now. But eating a good breakfast definitely gives me a satisfied feeling! I could probably survive on a frugal lunch, but I am quite particular about the first meal of the day.

Ideally, I would love to start my day with a freshly made lime juice, scrambled eggs on toast (or a poached egg), cornflakes, fruit and a cup of tea. However, since I am extremely lazy in the morning, I resort to hot idli vadas 🙂 They’re not too bad either.

And what do you like having for breakfast?


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