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Patita patata…

patita: Something I haven’t done in a while ever! Party till 2 am and give an exam at 9 am. All in the honour of birthday gal Vaish. We started on Friday evening. Resumed on Sat evening. And ended on the wee hours of Sunday morning. Now that’s one hell of a long celebration. And it feels like we were celebrating her birthday most of the weekend πŸ™‚ Babes, you are one rocking woman!

Cake tasted delicious!

patata: Zoo and I turned up dressed in chicken work kurtas. Nearly identical except for the fact that if I was 10 kilos lighter, we’d probably look like twins πŸ™‚ Oh, and my chicken top didn’t have sleeves.

Zoo and me in chicken

patita: Rosemary and passion fruit tea at the cha bar, Leela Palace. Yummy, I tell you. Please try if you haven’t alreadyÒ€¦

Cha Bar

patata: Not paying bill on time is becoming a bad habit with me. It’s not that I don’t have time. I simply forget or put it off. Bad, bad me! And then I’m stuck with no connection at home.

patita: Watching a play called Closer at Alliance. Apparently, there’s a movie by the same name. I am not sure how to react yet. My very vital question regarding the play however was not answered – why the excess usage of profanity? The movie didn’t have so much of it, I am sure! The story was interesting enough, was it necessary to overdo it to such a level? But Suman does not mince his words, so please go read…

patata: The G-Gal took half day from work to take me to the hospital (my jinxed feet again!). This time it was a huge foot infection. I was going around with much pain and elephantine feet when Gee called and very sweetly offered to take me to the doc. The doc said I should take complete rest for 2 days (ya, right!). Or walk with my foot in my mouth. That was funny. Especially since most docs don’t have a sense of humour. I decided to do neither and limped around for a few days. (A glimpse of my feet in better times)…

Feet feet!

patita: I love unexpected presents (and especially since they’re rare these days!). Shankar picked up the cutest book on Cats, all photographed in Black and White. It has some most amazing pictures that I spent quite a bit of my time drooling over. All cats. What a way to make my day. Thanks Shankar. From Kit Kit too!

Cat woman!

patata: Two songs in my head. One old, one new. One with lots of memories : Groovy kind of love. It seemed to be playing everywhere when I was in college and we used to sing it loud with much gusto. A lot. A mushy one too (Anytime you want to you can turn me onto; Anything you want to, anytime at all: hmmm). But Phil Collins is nice and easy on the ears when one is feeling slightly mellow. Sigh.

And then, This is how a heart breaks by Rob Thomas. It was playing on the radio and I refused to get out of the car till the song was over, much to G-Gal’s amusement. Love the beat and the fact that the lyrics actually don’t make much sense (You’re not the best thing that I knew; Never was never cared too much; For all this hanging around; It’s just the same thing all the time: aaa, what?), but the song is quite upbeat.

patita: Now, can anyone tell me whether the Geri Halliwell song is:
It’s raining, men!
It’s raining MEN!

Someone please!!

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  1. Babes!! Thank you SO much for everything! Especially, the most awesome _SURPRISE_ ever!!! *Hugs*!! πŸ™‚

  2. fornax says

    Nice to read your blog… btw how was the French exam !!! could you wake up at 09:00 πŸ™‚ …wot was your topic fo oral ? Don’t tell me it was about kitkit !!!

  3. shub says

    It’s raining men, Hallelujah
    It’s raining men, Amen
    I’m gonna go out, I’m gonna let myself get
    Absolutely soaking wet
    It’s raining men, Hallelujah
    It’s raining men, every specimen
    Tall, blond, dark and lean
    Rough and tough and strong and mean …

    and so on it goes πŸ™‚

  4. vaish: you’re welcome πŸ™‚

    nadeem: despite your last minute efforts to save my french, it was not enough! i should have started talking to you a few days before!! but thanks so much for everything πŸ™‚

    vaish: figured that out!!

    shub: ah, now it makes sense πŸ™‚ i like!

  5. Well, “It’s raining MEN” is the official slogan of the Baroda Weather Channel.

    No offence to my gujju brethren, without you guys I’d never feel at home here.

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