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The thing about pets…

i got two for the price of one!

When she came into my life in 2001, I didn’t know a thing about cats.

But being an animal lover, I took to her like a fish to water. I read about cats, went online, talked to my vet and then realised that they’re the unfussiest of creatures to keep at home. Morever, you don’t need to take them out for daily walks. They’re independent and don’t go into depression if they’re left alone.

During her growing up days, Kit Kit used to be a riot. Sleeping on the tummy, or curling up into a small ball next to the pillow, swinging from bags, hiding in drawers – she would keep me entertained all the time.

Now she’s all grown up and full of feline grace. And totally lazy too. She only comes looking for me when she needs the warmth of my blanket, in the evenings when it gets a little cool.

When I moved from Mumbai to Bangalore, I put her in a basket and booked an Indian Airlines flight (which claimed that it allowed small pets in the cabin) though I had loads of trouble getting final approval! I didn’t have the heart to put her in the hold. She didn’t utter a single sound all the way, she was too terrified of the loud noises. When we touched down at Bangalore airport, she let out a meek meow as if to remind me that she was still there!

The best part about having her is the fact that in some of my difficult times, she’s been around and I’ve never felt totally alone. I know it seems and sounds strange. It’s not as if I can have a conversation with her, but I think just knowing that there’s another heart beating in the house has been such a blessing.

Animals – cats, dogs – or anything else really are such a joy to be around. I for one, can never totally comprehend how people can proclaim they’re not “into animals” or cats/dogs. It’s quite sad really. They can make such a difference to our lives.


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