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Snapshots from a brunch

The problem with having a sister who’s a chef is that her standards are naturally high. And since she knows what these exotic dishes are supposed to taste like, she won’t settle for less.

I am less discriminating. I eat anything that looks and tastes reasonably good and pronounce it as delicious! And sometimes I haven’t tasted some of the dishes before, so in my rather blissful ignorant reality, they are pretty damn good. The sister on the other hand chews, tastes, ponders, rolls her eyes and then pronounces, “Ummmm…. it’s okay.”


Anyway, last weekend, along with sister, Charles and Debbie and their friend Michele, we went to try the Olive Beach Brunch. The array was mind boggling and Charles began clicking almost immediately. Thankfully, I didn’t have my camera or else, I wouldn’t have been able to do justice to the food!

Olive Beach has a nice warm ambience and we got a cosy place inside, right next to some bright burning candles. They had lots of different tinis on offer – kiwi, pineapple, orange, chocolate, litchi – and I tried most of them. My favourites were the orange and litchi tini. Yummy!

Besides what’s on offer in the different sections – soups, breads/cheese, salads they also had a pasta station where you can order your own pasta. They also had squid, calamari, shrimps and oysters. They also keep bringing things up to your table.

There was also an extensive dessert section, but since I don’t have a sweet tooth, I ended the meal with a penne pasta with mushrooms and veggies in olive oil. Rather nice and light.

They also had a DJ and live music (2 lovely ladies along with a gentleman with a guitar) coming up to you and playing your favourite songs!

I was rather satisfied after that long brunch. I am hoping the sister was too.

All pictures taken by Charles. If you like food, you can take a look at more here…


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