Time is flying by and it’s already my second last day here in Lausanne. Last evening, we walked by Lake Léman and I caught sight of these sparrows flying and it reminded me that however far we go, we all have to return home at some point of time…

But it’s not that time for me yet. Still have a few more sights to see and things to do, before I fly home like these birds!

Today, we went for a longish drive along the lakeside passing quite a few of the small villages that all border the lake. We drove up the hills and were treated to the most beautiful views of the Lake L̩man from atop a town called Vaux in the evening. Three of us РVrinda, Steph and I Рdrank in the view, and then had dinner there. A lovely place to go if ever you plan to visit Switzerland.

Some more pictures…

7 thoughts on “Fly away home…

  1. nice pic..Looks very desi.. reminds me of my AEC days near DiporBeel.. good many birds there were.. It was quite a surprise when i saw Wild ducks freely flying near the college campus

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