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Meeting the handsome Mr Bagha!

Lausanne is picture postcard pretty – everywhere you turn there is something worth clicking. Steph picked me up from the airport and we came home to grab a bite. I was impatient to meet the cat but Bagha was nowhere around (he was probably chasing a lady somewhere, but Steph said he was more likely asleep!). So we had to leave without finding him.

After a tour of the town, a long leisurely dinner, we made our way back. This time, Bagha was waiting near the door since he’d been out the whole day and probably pretty hungry too! And since I’d been waiting impatiently to make friends with the handsome cat, finally I got my chance. Here we are, the both of us, bonding!

Isn’t he absolutely adorable?!

Handsome Mr Bagha

And Steph took a whole bunch of pictures while I wasn’t looking!


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