It’s been so long, that you don’t remember the last time.

I’m talking about conjunctivitis, silly.

It’s painful. It’s horrible. Not to mention what it does to your face.

On the first day, you feel like a whole potato has been shoved under your eyelids.

You can’t keep it open. You can’t close it either.


The second day the pain continues. Now you look like you’ve had several shots of vodka and are still not satisfied.

You look into the mirror.


You let out a loud scream. Is that really… what you look like?

People stare like you just stepped out of a horror story. It’s no wonder really. Looking like that, even I was shocked.

I think I’ll go home and hibernate for a while now. Before the guy at the cyber cafe throws me out.

11 thoughts on “The world through red eyes

  1. Hii! This is my first visit to your new blog! Congrats for the same 🙂

    Please do drop by my blog, I just put up a link to a picture of my cat, so check that out too!

    Pffftt..yeah..conjuctivitis is icky but doesn’t beat chicken pox, I had that last year at the ripe ol age of 21! .. and everyone went like..what?? CP at this age??? It was funny!..and disgusting *bbrrrr*

  2. One morning last year I woke up with conjunctivitis. My eyes were glued shut and I kept flushing them with saline- I had no idea it was conjunctivitis until I went to health services on campus. They gave me this fantastic ointment. Erythromycin is relief in a tube. I think that for a short time I was addicted to it.

  3. conjunctivitis is in the air… even I have people around me with red eyes… you take care!

    and congratulations for your new place on the web!!! will update your link on my blog sooon!

  4. You mean Madras eye 😉 Pity you get it now, so many months after visiting Chennai. It’s a bitch, but heals pretty fast. Take care though. I’ve updated my link to you.

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