12 thoughts on “Meoww!

  1. Gandalf: She’s Miss Smartie pants all right!

    Shortt: I just love some of their poses. That’s why I’m taking her pictures most of the time!

    Khushee: That’s all she does anyway! Takes beauty naps throughout the day and then looks hugely unhappy when I wake her up 🙂

  2. Hey she looks so feline and lazy !!

    how are you doing with your help.

    I am stuck with API documentation which is very boring, no creativity involved at all and when i am i am hunting for the perfect template..

    HUh !!!

    Yep will check the snaps out !!

    Happiness always,


  3. I’m not surprised! The newspapers are full of non-news these days! And not everyone likes Harry Potter! You could try LOTR, since Kit Kit seems to be quite smart! 😉

  4. cute kitty anita. makes me want to get one too!!

    🙁 but robin and i are deathly allergic to the cute little things!!!

    (btw, kit-kat’s got the same eye color as robin!)

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