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Confusion, packing and last minute shopping

The general scenario today. I usually remember a whole list of things to do just before I leave for somewhere and then there’s this terrible rush to get everything done.

Thanks Vineeth for the pointers to Hyderabad. I’m really looking forward to it. Especially the Hussain Sagar lake and the parasailing.

I wish I had more time in Calcutta too. Hopefully, Melodrama will drop by sometime and give me a few helpful hints…


  1. Anita! You could go to the Fine Arts Academy Galleries. They always have decent exhibitions showing. Or you can go to swabhumi, which is an excellent way to spend time, though swabhumi is some way off from the city. You could also go to the Indian museum which is near your hotel or go to Dakshinapan and shop. Hopefully, you will not get bored! If I knew earlier, would have given you my cell number and we could have a blogger’s meet!

  2. Biharis…Ha ! What can I say? Those wonderful creatures, with intellect rivalled only by caterpillars !

    Wonder when Bihar is going to get out of stone age…as of now, seems to be in a situation worse than that of Afghani-Stone.

    Anyway, Bon Voyage !

    Enjoy your trip ! πŸ™‚

  3. Melodrama: I might try the Fine Arts Galleries. That sounds interesting. And I’d love to meet some bloggers there if its possible. But do send me your number. I will probably be able to have a phone chat with you when I am there at the very least πŸ™‚

    Rohini: Thanks!

    Prasant: Now that is not a very nice to thing to say. I do have a few Bihari friends who don’t fit that description at all!

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