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On the road again

Going home to Guwahati for a while. And then to Calcutta, Bangalore, Hyderabad and back to Mumbai mid-December.

I leave for Calcutta on the 17th evening by train. With the Biharis attacking this mode of travel, I am only too glad that the train doesn’t pass through much of the state. I haven’t travelled by this train before but a friend assured me it goes through Jharkand, so there’s some consolation. And besides (on an optmistic note) let’s hope they’re too occupied with the cricket finals on the 18th.

I will be in Calcutta for half a day on the 3rd of December on the way back, and am hoping to do some sightseeing. I’m thinking of staying at the Lytton Hotel, which seems pretty decent. If anyone (especially Kolkatians, or whatever natives of the city are called) have any ideas as to how to spend a fruitful afternoon and evening (besides going to Victoria Memorial) then please do tell. The last time I stopped over in Cal in April, most of my time went in trying to get my train tickets organised. Hopefully, this time will be more peaceful (and cooler!). I definitely don’t like Cal in summer.

I booked my train ticket up to Calcutta using the online reservation system and was pleasantly surprised when I got the ticket delivered the next day. Wonders never cease.

From the 4th to the 12th, I will be in Bangalore. Mainly for work, but hopefully mixed with some pleasure. I had heaps of fun the last time I was there. This time, I might do some more sightseeing. Not to forget Gangarams. I didn’t have enough the last time. But I am definitely not going back to TGIF again!

From Bangalore, I leave for Hyderabad on the 13th morning. I’ve never actually seen this city (but have heard so much about it) so hopefully the friend who will be hosting me will do the needful. At the risk of sounding very ignorant, I have no idea what they have in Hyderabad, except the Charminar. So there, if you Hyderbadians have any interesting ideas, you know what to do. I have three days there.

Back in Mumbai on the 16th of December. And the end of another year. Already?


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