Going home to Guwahati for a while. And then to Calcutta, Bangalore, Hyderabad and back to Mumbai mid-December.

I leave for Calcutta on the 17th evening by train. With the Biharis attacking this mode of travel, I am only too glad that the train doesn’t pass through much of the state. I haven’t travelled by this train before but a friend assured me it goes through Jharkand, so there’s some consolation. And besides (on an optmistic note) let’s hope they’re too occupied with the cricket finals on the 18th.

I will be in Calcutta for half a day on the 3rd of December on the way back, and am hoping to do some sightseeing. I’m thinking of staying at the Lytton Hotel, which seems pretty decent. If anyone (especially Kolkatians, or whatever natives of the city are called) have any ideas as to how to spend a fruitful afternoon and evening (besides going to Victoria Memorial) then please do tell. The last time I stopped over in Cal in April, most of my time went in trying to get my train tickets organised. Hopefully, this time will be more peaceful (and cooler!). I definitely don’t like Cal in summer.

I booked my train ticket up to Calcutta using the online reservation system and was pleasantly surprised when I got the ticket delivered the next day. Wonders never cease.

From the 4th to the 12th, I will be in Bangalore. Mainly for work, but hopefully mixed with some pleasure. I had heaps of fun the last time I was there. This time, I might do some more sightseeing. Not to forget Gangarams. I didn’t have enough the last time. But I am definitely not going back to TGIF again!

From Bangalore, I leave for Hyderabad on the 13th morning. I’ve never actually seen this city (but have heard so much about it) so hopefully the friend who will be hosting me will do the needful. At the risk of sounding very ignorant, I have no idea what they have in Hyderabad, except the Charminar. So there, if you Hyderbadians have any interesting ideas, you know what to do. I have three days there.

Back in Mumbai on the 16th of December. And the end of another year. Already?

14 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. Things to check out in Hyderabad include…

    a) the best go-karting track in India – Runway 9. It’s the longest in the country, and certainly the most fun!

    b) Golkonda fort. The sound and light show is worth catching if you have an evening to spare.

    c) Charminar. You won’t spend a lot of time there… Walk about the markets nearby though – they’re always bustling – look for deals on the bangles, “iftar” and other goodies. Expect the hawkers to encroach onto the road as the evening progresses. Do not expect posh 🙂

    d) Drive around Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills. Pray that most of urban India turns as green as these parts of town are.

    e) Eat “hyderabadi biryani” at Paradise. Ideally – at the ground floor – where there ain’t any airconditioning, and they encourage the use of hands! If you’re trying to be a biryani connoisseur, instead of a biryani tourist – eat at Cafe Bahar…

    f) Drive around Hussain Sagar; gawk at the Buddha statue on an island in the middle, and be amazed at how we managed to sink it on its way in the first time :). Try parasailing on the lake before 5pm. Its a lot, lot, lot tamer than you’d ever have imagined here!

    g) Visit Barista on Road number 1, Banjara Hills. Wonder at how Hyderbad survives with 3 Baristas. Yes – thats right, we have THREE! :p

    e) Wander around in search of McDonalds. Fail to find one. (not for too long I’m told).

    f) blah blah blah… 🙂

  2. Thanks Vineeth! That sounds great. Thanks for the tips 🙂 Will blog about whatever I manage to catch! I might give the McDonalds a miss though!

  3. Thanks Vineeth! That sounds great. Thanks for the tips 🙂 Will blog about whatever I manage to catch! I might give the McDonalds a miss though!

  4. wow is the word! You sure can’t travel more!

    The thing I enjoy the most in Cal is a very filling breakfast in Oberoi at Chowrangee Lane. But for that, next thing I look forward to in Cal is leaving the city 😉

    If you find time when you are in Blr, take a day trip to places in and around Mysore. Any newbee will be surprised to see the kind of change you see between the city and its neighbour.

  5. Oh, wandering about in search of McDonalds is good – since we don’t have one in Hyderabad…yet!

    I’m told we’re getting one soon though… the beginning of the end is beginning…

  6. It is Kolkatans not kolkatians. In my view Golden Park Hotel on Theatre Road is better, the prices are comparable with Lytton. It is opposite Metro Plaza Shopping Complex very near to Victoria. They give discounts on normal printed tariff. You may contact Ms. Ramneek Sabharwal of Golden Park she is incharge of reservations. Phone no. is. 033-22883939.

    you can visit new shopping malls like Shoppers Stop on Elgin Road which houses Calcutta’s first and only Multiplex also, Pantloon and Westside on Camac St, Cofee Pai cafe nearby, Park Street, Swabhumi Complex near Salt Lake, ride in Calcutta Metro underground train, New market, Landmark store on Lord Sinha Road…. list can go on…

  7. Arun: Will definitely try and visit Mysore this time. I did go there around two decades ago, but can’t remember much from that trip except the brindaban gardens!

    Vineeth: surely, hyderabad is not missing much!

    Shail: I will be reaching pretty early in the morning, around 9ish. So I guess I don’t have much of a choice with Airport Road.

    Aashish: I will probably avoid the Film City.

    Jindas: Correction: Kolkotans! Will check out the Golden Park too.

    Steph: You must spend some time with me in Mumbai when you come this time! I should be in the city then.

  8. Hi!!!!!

    Do U really want to know some cool places of Hyderabad?? then we have 2many!!!!

    1)Golconda Fort(Old)


    3)Birla Temple(Old)

    4)A drive through hussain sagar and necklace road(new)

    5)The KBR road connecting jublee hills and banjara hills as it is amazing and a road for people who are tired of driving in the busy indian roads(New)

    6)Barista is also good(Xpresso Bar)(New)

    7)The road from the airport to banjara hills is dam good full of grenery(Old)

    8)If time permits visit Ramoji Film City quite far from the city but GREAT!!!!(New)

    9)The New McDonalds which is gonna start in a few months(You can’t Enjoy it)(Not Yet!)

    10)The Hitec City and Cyber Gate(I,II) Which sigifies Cyberabad’s(Nick Name)development in IT(New)

    11)The Great Prasad Imax(For your information Imax theatres are there in India but there are no Imax with 3d in India Exept this one)&Multiplex theatres which is the new fame of Hyderabad.(Will be found while going to Hussain Sagar)(Dam New!)

    12)Visit Lifestyle for some Coool shopping!!!

    13)Almost All the roads of the city are great you could see many Flyovers in the city!!!

    14)And Many More…………………………..

    We are called as HYDERABADI’S and not Hyderabadians

    ThAnKiNg YoU,


  9. I want to know if there is facility for home delivery of tickets from Imax dome at wadala. I am not able to get through the numbers given in URL

    CAn somebody help me

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