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Chilling in Kalimpong

After spending two hectic weeks in Bhutan, reached Kalimpong on Tuesday. Bhutan turned out to be quite an amazing place, with some really scenic (and curvy) routes with distances of 60 kms taking about 3 hours to cover! Covered nearly 1000 kms and managed to travel upto Trongsa, the geographical centre of the country. But more about Bhutan once I get back to Bangalore.

Spending a few days chilling out in Kalimpong before heading back to the madness and mayhem of city life. The weather’s been pleasant and cool mostly, though when we headed out to a viewpoint today to catch the sunset, it was so cloudy, we couldn’t even see the next mountain clearly.

Went to a local mela in the evening – watched kids having fun on the rides and trying their hand at the different games. Turned out to be great fun and I had to have some of that pink fluffy candy floss just to complete the experience. It’s been a while since I visited one of these local melas!

One thing I am not looking forward to is going back to the crazy traffic in Bangalore after all the relative peace and quiet in these parts!


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