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Action in the Skies

The Aero Show is on in Bangalore right now and it’s worth a visit. I’ve never gone for the air show and I am glad I made it this time. The pyro technics of the airplanes made my heart stop for a moment. Lots and lots of different kinds of planes on display and the thunderous sound and gymastics of some of the fighter planes is enough to keep you spellbound!

It’s open to the public on Sat and Sun and well worth a visit.


A few pics are here. More later…


  1. I have been hearing the planes above my head (I live in Yehlanka). I think next time I will go outside and look up. At the very least, its an excuse to look at the sky, isn’t it?

  2. Radman says

    Sujav, are you an English major? Grasshopper, yes. Sreedhar, ever heard of googling aero india 2009?

  3. Nice, as always. The only trouble is all those rehearsals woke up my sleeping beauty šŸ™‚

    Pssst: I have a new blog. Click and see…

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