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Fish fingers at the Moulin Rouge

December 3: What I love about Park Street is the way it lights up in the evening. There are coffee joints, pubs, book stores, gift shops, net cafes, restaurants and office buildings all jostling for space, making it a very busy place. While roaming around in the evening, I was attracted by the colourful entrance to the restaurant called Moulin Rouge.

My cousin Bijit informed me that the place got a real boost after the movie by the same name was released! Proof to the fact is a really large flat screen television in the lower seating area. Bijit suggested I try the fish fingers (they are best in Cal according to him, since they use bhetki fish). And true to his word they were rather delicious. I was tempted to eat more, but the thought of dinner waiting at his place stopped me just in time.

We had a really delicious fish preparation for dinner – black pomfret curry. After which I went back to my non-circular room at the hotel.

December 4: I woke up bright and early and made my way to the Fine Arts Galleries hoping to catch an exhibition or two, only to find it deserted. The guys there are obviously not morning people, I found much to my dismay. So I made my way back for some more wandering on Park Street. With people rushing to work in all directions, I felt quite aimless (but I’m not complaining!).

Stepped into Music World and picked up some music, checked mail at an expensive cyber café and peeped into Flurry’s (but decided not to step inside) had a cup of coffee and then it was time to say goodbye to Calcutta.

The flight to Bangalore was via Hyderabad. Which meant two meals. Leaving me rather satisfied and heavier by a couple of kilos. And the gentleman behind me burping like he had swallowed a whole bhetki fish. The two guys on the side were rather loud. Flashing huge diamond rings and laden with boxes of sweets, kajus and barfis like they were running out of style, they obviously had money, but no common sense. When the announcement to switch of cell phones came on, one of the gentlemen (though they don’t deserve to be called that) started sending and receiving about 100 SMS messages. The loud burps from the back continued.

Despite all these minor incoveniences, I managed to catch some sleep till we landed at the Bangalore airport at 6 pm last evening.


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