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Catching up in Calcutta

Checked into my little room at Hotel Circular and found to my dismay that the rooms are neither circular, nor very large! Anyway, since I will be spending much of my time outside of it, I decided not to worry about size at this juncture.

Got a taxi driver to drive me around the Victoria Memorial and the new Vidyasagar Setu in the afternoon. The talkative guy, who informed me he was orginally from UP, kept up his running commentary, pointing out all the famous (and infamous) sights along the way.

My mom discovered her long lost cousin who now stays in Calcutta. So armed with the phone number I called them up to find they still remember me after twenty odd years! The bonus was their son (who was one of my favourite cousins growing up) was down for a visit from Mumbai, where he now stays. So it was a sort of a reunion in the evening, catching up on each other’s lives.

We decided to roam around a bit. Watched a sidey, but time pass movie called My Boss’s Daughter. Found an Iway at the theatre (New Empire) itself. They have become pretty innovative, opening up centres at every nook and corner. I’ve noticed them springing up in rather large numbers lately.

I hope to make it to the Fine Arts Galleries tomorrow. And maybe indulge in a bit of window shopping on Park Street. Off to grab something to eat with aforementioned long lost cousin!


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