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Guwahati diary – Part II

In between two weddings and a hospital crisis in the family, I had to bid goodbye to my Kaziranga plans.

So here I am, after 13 days in Guwahati, and I still can’t figure out where all the time went. It didn’t fly, it whizzed by. A nice sight though are the Sify iways that have mushroomed all over the place. I finally made my way across to one today and am quite impressed with the speeds.

My flight to Calcutta is at 11.40 in the morning tomorrow. I’m hoping to take on a few suggestions left on earlier posts as to the sightseeing in the city. Let’s see what happens. Most well-laid plans seem to get undone when I travel to Cal.

My morning flight from Calcutta to Bangalore the next day has also been delayed to the afternoon, which means I now have some unexpected time on my hands. It also means I don’t have to wake up at an unearthly hour of 4 am and rush to the airport! And since I am not a morning person, that suits me fine.

The bad news is that in between tending to my relative in hospital, I completely forgot to check out the reservations at Lytton and Grand Park, where I intended staying. Most hotels seem to be booked because of some big conference. I will probably have to stay at a place called Hotel Circular in Park Circus, which I am hoping is okay.


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