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SMS for a smile

I was flipping through the papers yesterday, and stopped by the movies section to find out what was running. Must watch Mona Lisa Smile and Mystic River I noted to myself.

Later in the day, I got an SMS from a friend asking if I wanted to go for Mona Lisa Smile.

It hasn’t gotten very good reviews (and that’s putting it mildly), but I rather enjoyed the movie starring Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst. It had its moments. Though I don’t think the Americans quite liked being made fun of what they were like in the 1950s.

The Italian professor (Dominic West) is rather dishy. Quite sadly, he turns out to be a lying dish. Why do all these dishes have to turn out either to be adulterous, lying or dead? Sigh. Like in Cold Mountain, where Jude Law crosses the cold mountains only to die in the hands of his beloved at the very end. Just the moment when he should have been alive! Arrghh.

Some moments later, we had other dishes vying for our attention as we dug into yummy sizzlers and pastas at Pop Tates. I realised that whenever we’re in Andheri, we inevitably manage to land up at this place. But it’s got pretty great sizzlers. Unlike a few other places (Yoko, Kobes) where they put either too much cheese or too many potatoes. This one’s just right. And try the mushroom sauce. Delicious!

Now, that leaves Mystic River. I guess it’ll be too much to ask for another SMS today.


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