If there’s something that I am really fascinated by, it’s the vast expanse of the sky. Sometimes I’m driving down the long road to office, so fascinated by the changing colours and pretty patterns that I almost forget that I should have my eyes on the road!

And one thing I love about Bangalore is the clear blue expanse of skies, whenever the sun is out. Believe me, after six years in Mumbai, I forgot that there could actually be blue skies! And that one could actually see the sun set! Little forgotten pleasures πŸ™‚

I am yet to see the perfect sunset however! Or to capture it on film. But have you had such a moment when you looked at the horizon and felt: this is just the most perfect scene you have ever witnessed?

26 thoughts on “Of sunsets

  1. I remember seeing a perfect sunset once in my hometown in Kerala…. I got so fascinated that I got shut off from this world…

    You really can get nice sunset pics in any part of kerala…

    Note: I am not promoting Kerala here πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Me Back in Mumbai after Chicago Stint,just a reminder “need a painting for my new nest” details need to be worked out …I’ll mail u in detail

  3. Kerala is awesome, Radhakrishnan. This was one I got when I went this February. It was an amazing sight. The Chinese fishing nets just add to the whole setting!

    Thanks Khushee!

    Arun: No actually. I haven’t painted much since I came here. But I have a long list of painting to be done, so I might have to get down to my brushes now πŸ™‚

    Mahesh: I’ll be happy to! Have a few to complete for a friend in Mumbai, for Deki. Will put you in my list too!

    Noidadude: Loved the 8th picture. Goregeous colours.

    Aqua: It’s coming up πŸ™‚ Not to worry!

  4. Hey no fair – you can catch some gorgeous sunsets if you go down to the beach in B’bay…I’ve witnessed sev frm the Versova beach. Granted other (smaller) cities offer you bigger canvases of the skies..infact I’m seeing alot more of the sky since I moved to pune..but no sunsets by the sea..:-(

    So you paint as well as click? Cool!

  5. If u love the skies, you have to add the state of Montana in the US to your travel list. The land here is absolutely flat, no high rise buildings and all you can see above is the vast sky.

  6. Deepak: Nice sunset. Was that in Bangalore? I also liked the one with the two canines. Where did you take that one?

    Geetanjali: I actually did live near Versova for a while, but never caught a sunset!! But that might also be because I wasn’t looking hard enough!!

    Q: Added to my ever-growing list! Right now, I’m aiming for UK, France and Spain next year. Hopefully, the US the year after that. I also want to visit a few places in South America. Like the Andes πŸ™‚ And ride down the Amazon. So many plans.. Sigh!

  7. The first one was at Bangalore – near Embassy Golf Links, Off Intermediate Ring Road.. (I don’t know why (or how) I’ve put airport road on my blog :p)

    The one with the canines was at Hyderabad’s Durgam Cheruvu (known for some reasons as the “Secret Lake”).

    And Oh – Happy Deepawali!!!

  8. I saw one and it took my breath away !!!

    Nice painting.. can I exchange this one for the one which you made me pleaseeee !!!:) Sunsets are my major weakness… specially on the highways !!! SIGH

  9. You must visit New Zealand once to see what clear blue sky means and what a sunset might look like. I will try n post some snaps on my blog and send u the link. Good painting though

  10. That’s a lovely painting. I love sunsets too. Infact captured varities of them in digital form. I am currently started to work on a collection of paintings with sunsets as theme.

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