A few of us (Arun, Suman, his wife Chitra, Vasu) will be in Chennai over the long weekend (Jan 14-16). We will be working with Kiruba and Nanda who have been involved in such activities from Chennai. One of the activities will be to go into the nearby villages to identify families for sponsorship for folks who want to help from the US. The other is to distribute fishing nets, baby food, children school supplies in the nearby villages, which Kiruba has already been doing for the last few days.

If you can pitch in terms of contributions, please contact me asap via email: anitabora5 at rediffmail dot com. Anything will be useful.

UPDATE: Thanks for the response to my call for contributions, folks.
Friends/acquaintances, Biswajit D, Shael S, Spidey, Vaish, her friend Mohan and Venkat. Someone who happened to come across this blog post – Gautam K – thanks for your generous contribution. My pals from Mumbai, Prabal, Dhiraj, Lynn and Anumita, and her friend Chandrika.

Much appreciated 🙂

Just read this report, forwarded by Anumita:
Hungry villagers queuing up for food
“For a village which has a 350 strong-population, Nambikkai Nagar is situated in no-man’s land. Each time a vehicle passes-by, villagers rush towards it, hoping that it would bring in relief — because, for the past two days even food packets have failed to reach them.” While many villages are getting an abundance of relief, it seems like a few are getting left out.

6 thoughts on “Heading for Chennai

  1. aah.. the weekend? well i plan to drive to cuddalore and karaikal, because its pongal time and been helping few and i want to see that they’re alrite.

    Apart from that nothing much going on, have u retained ur no. ? how do i get in touch with u? unless ur using “skype” and got a Pocket PC with hotspots in chennai… ; )

  2. Ah! okay. Maybe we can catch up on Friday. Since so many of us will be in town, we might do a meeting too on Friday/Sunday. I’ll mail you my contact details or you can keep in touch with Kribs. He should know my whereabouts!

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