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Sun, snow and a lot of skiing…

The destination: Auli in Uttaranchal.

Spent 7 days learning how to ski (out of which we spent most of the first 2 days falling all over the beginners slopes). On the journey to and fro, managed to pack in some time at Dehdradun, Joshimath, Rishikesh, Haridwar and Delhi.

We were lucky, they said, as Auli recorded the highest snowfall in about 15 years. The slopes were absolutely beautiful as a result and we could only watch in admiration as our instructors gave us demonstrations on how to come down the slopes at full speed and look cool at the same time 🙂

It was rather glorious. Waking up to views like this one…

Waking down slopes with gorgeous sights like this all around…

No cars, no roads… just a ski lift that transported us up and down from the slopes…

Coming out of the mess after a heavy meal and drinking in the beautiful surroundings…

Slipping and sliding down stairs like these ones that lead to our dormitory. This is also where I fell and hurt my knees!

The restaurant where we spent most of our evenings playing poker. There was not much else to do in the freezing cold except play cards!

The write-up and more photos will follow soon…


  1. Bijesh says

    Looks amazing. Till when will the snow last??? will taking a trip there in April be worth it?

    Have fun

  2. gr8 photos, must have been freezing.Its being snowing really heavily in d north this yr. post more snaps if possible.

  3. 7 Days of Skiing, that’s lot of work and lot of fun. I went snowboarding two weeks back for two days and came back in a day with my arm in a sling. Surprised that you are in one piece after seven days! 😉

    Nice pictures!

  4. Amit: It was the greatest fun! My pictures have come but it will take me a while to sort through the hundreds I took and decide what to put up 🙂

    Thanks Reflex!

    Bijesh: The snow normally lasts till about March end according to the locals. I think it will start to melt by April. But it will still be a beautiful place!

    Nandish: It was freezing to the power of 10!! I had the hardest time since my body has not been accustomed to chilly temperatures for a while. Spent a lot of time in front of the fires!

    Samuel: It was! In fact, we spotted a couple of foreigners snowboarding and it looked like good fun too! Especially when you fall 🙂 And yes, I did sustain a knee injury, but not while skiing! It was when I fell down a icy hard flight of stairs!

    Khushee: And so it was!

    Arjun: Coming up soon 🙂

  5. wow..!! awesome place.. and u must’ve had a ball, or shud i say fall of a time??

    7 days of blissful white, must’ve hated coming back to the mundane city 🙂

  6. kribs: it was totally awesome!

    chikuado: it’s taken me more than a week to recover back in the city 🙂 can’t get those views of out my mind!

  7. Maulik Thakkar says

    Hello Anita,

    U had a great time in Auli Last year…

    I am going to Auli this year Feb 16-22 batch.. and I am going for skiing for the first time…

    What cloths should I take with me for skiing..



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