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Black and White

Contrary to the belief that I am a ‘cat person”, I love dogs equally. Actually, I guess I love animals. On my list is owning a farm with a whole coterie of animals – cats, dogs, horses, pigs, cows, goats, ducks and anything else I can fit in!

Growing up, we had a rather cute little off-white Apso terror called Delsie at home. I have fond memories of the times when Delsie would disappear into the nearby thickets near our house in Guwahati. He would make an appearance at the end of the day, black as soot. We would then have to give him a long bath (between my sister and me) with loads of scrubbing to get the muck out. He died a few years ago. And I must say that losing a pet is a really painful experience. Maybe that’s why Kit Kit entered my life all these years later 🙂

Even though they can’t speak, they leave a really deep impression and whether it’s cats or dogs, you feel their absense long after they’ve gone.

This is for all animal (especially dog) lovers.


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