10 thoughts on “What a start!

  1. JD: It is! And I have no idea how they sustain those kind of salaries!

    Shilpa: That’s an understatement! That is way TOO much. I am way TOO depressed!

    Arjun: I shudder to think! And thankfully, my math ain’t too good 🙂 And I wouldn’t be able to sleep well if I knew anyway!

  2. Actually, 50 lakhs works out to about $110,000. US offers in investment banking are usually in that range. And from what I hear, it’s quite sustainable in the industry. The pay is around $225,000 for a person with about 4-5 years of investment banking experience.

  3. this is nothing new. 110K USD for US for a person who has allready got 4-5 years exp (thats what the person already had) is ok. I mean SW engineers with 5-6 yrs exp also get near abt the same range in US

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