I was at the Forum mall on Friday evening buying tickets for a movie. In the queue behind me, a girl and boy were discussing something and nudging each other.

Terrorist… commented the guy to the gal and they nudged each other again. AK-47 whispered the guy, behind my back.

Only then I realised they were referring to me! Later that evening I was going to meet some of my office photography club colleagues for a night photo shoot. I had my tripod over one shoulder and it tends to look rather menacing.

I had to resist the impulse to turn on them, uncover my AK-47 and start shooting right there.

13 thoughts on “AK-47 episode

  1. where do u think those people were from 🙂

    hope they didnt start shitting bricks at the sight of AK-47 bearing shooter

  2. Pleo: That is coming soon!

    gautam: seems like the bangalore public is equally capable!

    krishna: there were two young folks, like college kids. rather cute actually!

    tarun: sanju probably gets this all the time…

    rachel: please use ab at rediffmail dot com

    twilight: i should have probably done it! unfortunately, it’s getting really hot here. looks like a mumbai summer coming 🙂

    kishore: actually later in the evening when we were shooting (i mean clicking) inside forum and one of the guys took out a tripod. a forum guy rushed towards us saying we had to take permission to shoot! apparently, you can shoot pictures, but if you have a tripod you have to take permission!!

    charu: yeah, maybe they have close circuit television. you never know!

  3. hmm really! that is biased and silly .. either u are allowed to take snaps or u are not .. u cannot have a “no tirpod” rule .. #$@$# .. crazy!!! I tell ya.

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