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Blogcamp 2006 is around the corner

Blogcamp 2006 is happening at Tidel Park in Chennai on Sept 9-10, a two day packed event that is bound to be informative, fun and will have loads of interaction, which is exactly what you’d expect from an event involving bloggers.

Here’s a clip from the website: “Blogcamp hopes to provide a forum where bloggers can share their stories and be inspired by innovative and successful blogging experiences. In the spirit of blogging and no-barriers interaction, the two-day event will be in an unconference mode.”

The list of topics is quite interesting and includes:
Conversation and the Public Nature of the Medium
Disaster Relief blogging
Serious Blogging can change the face of Conventional Journalism
Group Blogging strategies
Professional Blogging
Intranet Blogging: The Secret World Behind the Firewall
Human Attention and The Future of Blogging
Blogging for a Global Audience

These are just a few I randomly picked up. The complete list is here.

The organizers and volunteers have gone to a lot of trouble to get this whole ‘unconference’ happening and it will probably be the largest ever of its kind in India. They roped in a few well-known sponsors, including Yahoo! India and Nokia, Intel, Ford etc. I know several bloggers from Bangalore are already planning to be there in Chennai for the occasion.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it. Though I would have loved to meet a whole galaxy of bloggers I haven’t met before. But I will be actively following it online.


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