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Welcome break

Just returned from a nice three day trip to Coorg via Nagarhole and Kabini. So another one day break in the middle of the week has added to the holiday spirit.

The Karnataka bandh, called by Kannada activists, has been called unnecessary by the CM himself. The whole exercise of shifting the Karnataka legislature session to Belgaum was enough to send out a message to Maharashtra, he says. Hmm… not sure about all the border politics going on between the two states, but while they fight it out, the one day at home has been quite a welcome break.

Cat on a break
The cat takes a break. It’s a bandh, you see!

The cat is happy. I’m finally spending a whole day with her 🙂

After awaking at noon, I’ve been eating chips and apples and drinking lychee juice through the day. And listening to Worldspace. Have piled up a few DVDs for the evening. Had plans to clean the house, but I think it will survive another week without my interference 🙂

They should have bandhs more often, I say. Bad for productivity but great for rest and relaxation!


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