8 days, 900 kms!

The Tour of Nilgiris meanders through the famed Blue Mountains of South India immersing you in the stunning landscape, bio-diversity, culture and heritage of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

This is the second edition of the Tour of Nilgiris, fondly called TFN. As the name suggests, it is a tour and not a race. On the tour you get to ride with 70 like-minded riders on what could be the journey of a lifetime.

The dates:
December 15-23, 2009

To get a taste of what happened during the last TFN, click here!

The bad news is of course that the registrations to the TFN are now closed! But the good news is that you can follow the action as it unfolds. And two contests – for an official blogger and a photographer are going to be declared soon!

Watch out for more news as the exciting event unfolds…

7 thoughts on “Tour of the Nilgiris: Gear up for the exciting ride!

  1. hi Anita,
    I had seen your flickr photostream and already loved ur images and then happened to see ur profile and blog.from there to ur blog.it is astore house of information.i am loving it and it is my favourite.
    So man things at one shot.its nice to hear about your marathons and cycling and tours and travels..slowly will read and complete reading ur blog.
    love lakshmi

  2. Nice! I’m also keeping my fingers crossed. Hope the tour director slot is still up for grabs 😀

    Great blog I say. Enjoy reading your posts!

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