Just realised that it’s been a while since I updated. And I have good reason too! I have been busy preparing for the Tour of the Nilgiris

It’s now around a month and a week away – and I still don’t feel I’m preparing well enough. And though, I’ve been hard at work climbing hills around Bangalore, I still feel I have quite a way to go 🙂

Last weekend, we did 90km preparation ride from BTM, Kanakpura Road, Harohalli, Jigni, Anekal, Begur, Hosur Road and back to BTM – a distance of 90 kms including a few stretches of continuous inclines. Thankfully, the weather gods were on our side and we had light drizzles, cool winds and the sun went into hiding – just perfect weather for a tough and long ride!

A few photos, courtesy Gopal V, who accompanied us all the way on his Bullet.

From Running and Cycling
From Running and Cycling
From Running and Cycling

8 thoughts on “While I’ve been away!

  1. The pictures are very pro Anita.. and your passion is tempting me to start cycling again. very inspiring.

    all the best for the Tour of Nilgiris.

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  3. That is really amazing. I did a bike ride to raise money for the MS foundation in 1999. I did 150 miles but never got on my bike again. My butt has a good memory. I was in way too much pain to try that again.

    More power to you!


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