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Food, wine and conversation

Food and wine together are an irresistible combination. Especially on a weekend, when it’s time to let the hair down, rejuvenate and relax! However hot Bangalore is turning during the day, the evenings are relatively pleasant. At least outside. So one Saturday evening, with a couple of friends, I decided to stroll through Indiranagar trying out different wines and restaurants. This is a frequent event organized by Poshvine (if you haven’t visited this site, do it right now! – it’s a treasure trove of interesting experiences in Bangalore and other cities). Christened the Jacob’s Creek Gourmet Stroll, it turned out to be quite a culinary experience. Not to mention a chance to sample some of their wines as we hopped along. We began with Bricklane Grill, where we gathered in a rather charming and cosy setting by the poolside. We started our culinary journey with a sparkling Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay, just the right accompaniment to the delicious aperitifs and starters for the evening. The finger food kept coming by and I especially remember the mushrooms with cheese – simply …

new banana cafe

The search for good food in Pondicherry

It’s no secret that I love good food. And I will go to extreme lengths to find it! I chanced upon the Banana Cafe, thanks to my sister who currently calls this town her abode. It was a small hole in the wall operation, but going by its popularity, I knew that something was obviously attracting a lot of customers. And since it was a restaurant, I deduced it had to be the quality of the food! I tried it and loved it. On a later trip to Pondi, my sister informed me that the cafe had since been shut down as they had to vacate the small space they were operating from (it was a part of a larger house). Which was a pity since it was walking distance from where my sister lives. But the story doesn’t end there. A few months later, on another trip I was given the good news. The owner had managed to find another place for his business. It’s now tucked away in a quiet lane called Cazy street and you’ll …

Of gastronomy, gluttony and much gladness

It was a different experience in Mumbai this time around – we played tourists to the hilt. When you live in a city, I think you tend to miss a lot of things – fine details you don’t really notice as you rush about your daily work. Like that lovely Church behind Fort where I worked for a year or so – why had I never seen it? The beautiful old heritage buildings in Kalaghoda and Fort – never looked at them closely before. I had little time to stand and stare back then.

Another ready reckoner!

So it was only May end/beginning of June that I was down with a cold and got these useful home remedies. I’ve barely got over that bout (or so it seems!) and I am down with a cold again. Gosh, how I hate them! I was going through a recent Deccan Herald where I found these useful tips! Here they are: Fight common colds and other illnesses Orange juice ~ Bell peppers ~ Green tea ~ Pumpkin seeds ~ Summer squash ~ Apricots ~ Ground cinammon ~ Garlic ~ Cayenne pepper ~ clementines ~ Cloves ~ Cranberries General productivity boosters Salmon ~ Shrimp ~ Water ~ Turkey ~ Mustard greens ~ Plums ~ Cauliflower ~ Papaya ~ Sweet potatoes ~ Pear Improve digestion/sleep Black beans ~ Bran cereal ~ Avocado ~ Apples ~ Brown rice ~ Onions ~ Grapefruit ~ Pound cake ~ Cucumber ~ Peppermint ~ Pinto beans ~ Celery ~ Pineapple ~ Melon ~ Soybeans ~ Ginger ~ Asparagus Low fat-filling foods Salsa ~ Egg whites ~ Venison ~ Whole wheat pasta ~ …