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Heady infusions at the MBar

We’re getting options these days! From a place which people looked down on (you live where?), to a happening suburb, Whitefield has come a long way. In fact, today it’s a bit of a boast to say, “I live in Whitefield”.

Not only do we have 5 malls within striking distance, we also have the Marriott, Whitefield in our backyard. I recently tried the brunch at the hotel and was quite impressed by the spread.

This time around, it was to check out their lounge, Mbar and the impressive selection of cocktails they have on offer. Their secret behind the potent mix that goes into the cocktails – alcohol infused with different flavours and kept in large jars for around 3 months. So imagine a vodka infused with jalapenos, or a tequila and Malibu infused with pineapples, which looks and smells really heady.

MBar view

These infusions are then used to prepare their range of signature cocktails.

A few of us had gathered around the table that Friday evening and the Food & Beverages Director, Vivin Kuriakose took us through the different kinds of cocktails and explained a bit about what goes into them. With a relaxed atmosphere and some nice lighting, the MBar is the perfect place to knock back a few drinks after a hard day’s work!

The MBar lab!

So this is what we tasted:

MBloody Marytomato juice and chilly infused vodka with Worcestershire sauce
Have this with the extra lime and Worcestershire sauce and feel it warm your insides. And if you want to make it spicier, add a dash of the chilly sauce to go along with it. Though they do not use fresh tomatoes, it doesn’t take away from the flavor at all.

M Bloody Mary

Pomegranate and Basil Martini – Vodka spirit is infused with fresh pomegranate and basil.

It’s very refreshing and I loved the taste of the basil, which is not ground, but left as a whole leaf, and the flavour stays with you as you sip. It’s a best seller, and no wonder!

Basil and pomegranate martini

Orange Mojito – classic style with orange flavoured white rum, and garnished with fresh oranges. A smooth drink which goes down easily.
Orange mojito

Tequila Coladatequila and Malibu infused with macerated pineapple shaken with coconut milk served frozen.
This one was rather delicious and you might not be able to stop at just one!
Tequila colada

Down and Dirty Martiniolives macerated with brine and vodka and dry vermouth.
You can taste the olives, which have given off some off their oil into the infusion. And the unmistakable “dirty” taste. This one is a bit tricky. You either like it or you don’t.
Down and Dirty martini

M Cosmopolitan
Classic, served shaken with vodka infused with cranberries, grand marnier, cranberry juice and lime juice.
The making of...

Of course, besides this signature range, they can make you any other cocktail you might fancy.

Another interesting fact –some of the drinks are served in beakers and the bartenders are wearing lab coats. Might remind you of those chemistry classes in college.

Short eats

The food is quite delicious too, try the patatas (prepared from potato), the hummus, which was quite delicious and the wholesome burgers. I couldn’t really get to the main course as the starters and appetisers themselves were quite a mouthful.  But there are steaks, fish and pasta if you’re in the mood for it.

Yummy short eats

To end the evening, try the long island iced tea, which is served in a rather large beaker. Provided you’re not driving home, of course.
The Flickr Album

(Disclosure: This was a special mixology event held by the Marriott, Whitefield on invitation).

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