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Girls just wanna have fun!

From exotic foreign locations, to rural Indian ones – there is nothing that is out of bounds for the single Indian woman traveler today. And when I say “single” I don’t mean it in the literal sense. You could be a part of a couple, but wanting to travel on your own (the husband/bitter/better half for example, might not necessarily like going to the same places that you do), or you could be a mother and daughter wanting to do something together. You could just looking to have a good time with other like minded women. Or a traveler who likes the comfort of a larger group.

Girls just wanna have fun

Girls just wanna have fun!

A few years ago, this concept was unheard of. Today, we have quite a few options when it comes to “women only” travel. Recently, I met the enthusiastic and enterprising Malini Gowrishankar, who has started the outfit called “f5 Escapes” targeted at women.

Her aim is to basically help women overcome their fears, doubts, hesitation about travelling and try it out. It’s easy to get pulled into things like paying bills, running errands, looking after kids, but it’s important for women to also take some time off, rejuvenate and spend time on their own. f5 Escapes has a mission to do just that through it’s weekend escapades. It’s currently based around Bangalore and gives you a great opportunity to get to a nearby destination, chill out, eat local fare, indulge in some local shopping and then get back to work and life again, rejuvenated and refreshed.

A few testimonials from the trip. Chaitra says, “I feel I am in a totally different world. It is so refreshing!”

Press f5 for a refreshing break!

Press f5 for a refreshing break!

Suzanne M who recently went for F5’s maiden trip, had this to say: “As an avid traveler, I’d drawn a list of places to visit, places closer to Bangalore that wouldn’t take too much of my time at the same time help me learn and explore what nature and history have to offer… F5 is an answer to a lot women’ prayers, who want to travel safe and have a lovely experience in the wilderness, seeing new places and creating travel experiences. Malini and her team of extremely talented and enterprising ladies create travel itineraries that are safe, only for women, enriching, relaxing, fun and at the same time don’t cost the earth!”

Malini says that F5 Escapes is a “Not just for Profit”, it also works with the development sector to help, support and develop the differently abled, women and communities.

f5's first trip was to witness the beauty of Shivanasamudra

f5’s first trip was to witness the beauty of Shivanasamudra

The first trip was a two day affair away from the hustle bustle of Bangalore and took travellers into the sand sunk shrines of Talakad, the roaring waterfalls in Shivanasamudra and the comforts of a relaxing stay at Georgia Sunshine Village in Malavalli.

The next trip is Jog Falls and departs August 9 and I can assure you that it will be another fun filled and relaxing getaway! Experience the monsoons, the rains and some special magic! What are you waiting for?

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