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The X-Files, Part 2: A list of entrepreneurial ventures run by women

This series is a continuation from Part 1. These are all run and led by women entrepreneurs. In Part 2, I’ve listed three categories: — JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES — CLOTHING/APPAREL, FASHION, BEAUTY/MAKE-UP, SKIN CARE, HAIRCARE — FITNESS, SPA, SALONS, WELLNESS So, without any further ado, here’s the first category: JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES A SunnyDisposition, Susan John Description: Bags and clutches Facebook: ASunnyDisposition Her story: Whether you’re looking for those absolute essentials or for that luxurious Indo chic makeover, A Sunny Disposition has it. What you find in the shop is both versatile and flexible giving you an access to the different looks you’ve wanted and more- be it ethnic or contemporary, chic or bohemian. PIC Flames of the Forest, Mrinalini Cariapa Description: Designer silver jewelry with semi-precious gems Contact: +91 9880673144 Facebook: Flames of the Forest Her story: I founded Flames of the Forest, an exclusive collection of designer jewelry, in 2006. I travel extensively to source rare semi-precious gems – like coral fossil, jaspers, solar quartz, lodolite -and sets them in sterling silver, turning …

The X-Files, Part 1: A list of entrepreneurial ventures run by women

The last few months have been an amazing journey for me. Not only did I take the next steps with my own ceramics venture, MyArtitude, I got introduced to The Friday Convent (TFC), through which I got to know several women who are striking out on their own. The start-ups and ventures range from kids services and education; to event planning and PR; home decor and jewellery to content and photography – the list is endless. Though most of these women are based in Bangalore, most of the services cover the rest of India and even overseas locations. Anything you want – and you can find the solutions or the service. All run by women who have decided to quit their corporate jobs and work on their own terms. An extremely encouraging sign in these times when flexibility has become so very important, rather than being tied to desk jobs. There’s nothing wrong with the latter, of course. In fact, there are definite advantages of the corporate life and climbing up the ladder – a …

A Kanha sunset

Wherever I travel, I try and experience a sunset. Isn’t it just magical, watching the sun go down at the end of the day? Travelling in Madhya Pradesh, currently at the Kanha Earth Lodge, yesterday evening we ventured out to a point where we could enjoy the sunset. We packed ourselves some tea and coffee that we enjoyed as we witnessed the gorgeous sight. Around 20 minutes of climbing a small hillock, we were treated to some amazing views of the Kanha forests, the buffer zone and a peekaboo of some villages between the thick foliage. Around 20 minutes later, the sun began to go down into the horizon. Darkness falls quickly once the sun goes down, and we packed up and headed back. It’s just another sunset, but to me it’s always different and special. (This trip was made possible on an invitation from Pugdundee Safaris and the Kanha Earth Lodge.)

The 5 rules of engagement

Actually, I thought I’d call this post, “matters of the heart”. And then I changed my mind. Didn’t want to sound too cheesy, right? Someone was telling me how I don’t write too many personal posts nowadays. And then I thought I should make some changes. I didn’t really intend this to become a food and travel blog. It just turned out that way. But that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about other stuff. Other interesting stuff. And vent. Yes – I need to vent sometimes. Get things out of my mind. Sometimes, I have all these things to say. But I can’t really find someone to say it to. Well – you know how it is. No one wants to sit around you sipping coffee and be lectured 🙂 And then I realized, I do have a blog. A place I can actually talk about things that I think are important. And hopefully, that you’ll enjoy reading too. So here you go. The 5 rules of engagement (in no particular order): a) Laughing We …

Row, row, row your boat

Row, row, row your boat, originally uploaded by anitabora. We headed out to the river pretty early in the morning to beat the heat during our stay in Mangalore. In the early morning, caught these fishermen taking out their nets and casting them in the river. This is the view of the river from the old fort, Sulthana Batthery. From there we headed north toward Kaup Beach, Udupi, St Mary’s Island, a village called Paladka and Moodbidri and back south to Ullal Beach for a beautiful sunset. My camera unfortunately failed on me towards the end of the day but I did manage a few pictures before that. Will put them up online shortly. Meanwhile, hope to see some of you at the Bangalore Marathon and even more of you at the Blog Meet on Sunday.