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The X-Files, Part 2: A list of entrepreneurial ventures run by women

This series is a continuation from Part 1. These are all run and led by women entrepreneurs.

In Part 2, I’ve listed three categories:

So, without any further ado, here’s the first category:


A SunnyDisposition, Susan John
Description: Bags and clutches
Facebook: ASunnyDisposition
Her story:
Whether you’re looking for those absolute essentials or for that luxurious Indo chic makeover, A Sunny Disposition has it. What you find in the shop is both versatile and flexible giving you an access to the different looks you’ve wanted and more- be it ethnic or contemporary, chic or bohemian.

Flames of the Forest, Mrinalini Cariapa
Description: Designer silver jewelry with semi-precious gems
Contact: +91 9880673144
Facebook: Flames of the Forest
Her story:
flamesoftheforestI founded Flames of the Forest, an exclusive collection of designer jewelry, in 2006. I travel extensively to source rare semi-precious gems – like coral fossil, jaspers, solar quartz, lodolite -and sets them in sterling silver, turning them into unique wearable jewelry. Occasionally, on my quests for these gems, I stumbles upon the odd raw emerald, unpolished aquamarine or streaked turquoise, and handcraft these rare stones into magnificent works of art.

My designs draw inspiration from nature, making them appealing to women of any age. These timeless creations are the perfect accessories to both, ethnic and western wear. Being highly qualified in the discipline of jewelry and semi-precious stones, I take special care that the stones I use have not been dyed or treated with any unnatural process.

I also hold workshops, a great way to get a hands-on experience designing and crafting jewelry – a great way for a layperson to get a hands-on experience designing and crafting jewelry. Handcrafting each other’s engagement rings has become an increasingly popular trend among urban couples today. This fun activity is available upon request at my studio in Whitefield, Bangalore.

Paarisha, Chinanshu Sharma
Description: Neckpieces, Bracelets, Anklets, Earrings, Belts and brooches.
Facebook: Paarisha by Chinanshu
Website: Paarisha
Her story:
Paarisha is my collection of handmade jewellery. Inspiration for this comes from everything and anything around me. I like to experiment with different things and my first collection is called ‘rang’ (colour). Which is beads in contemporary style and goes well with western wear and traditional wear and aims to add colour to your wardrobe.

rumaanRumaan Crafts, Widad Mogral
Description: Handmade jewellery, wire-wrapped jewellery
Online store: ebay
Facebook: RumaanCrafts
Her story:
I make unique wire wrapped and handmade jewellery. If you like anything you see, please email me, I will get back to you with prices.

The Jewelry Project, Deepti Sudhindra
Description: Jewelry
Facebook: The Jewelry Project

Ssara Designs, Sharon Idiculla
Contact: +91-9845759952
Description: Silver Jewellery
Facebook: Ssaradesigns
Store: At her Indiranagar residence (by appointment)
Her story:
I have always been fond of jewellery and after college, working with it seemed like the best option for me. Little did I know how much I would love it! When working at my table, I can forget the world around me and completely relax.

Started in 2008, Ssara Designs specializes in creating handmade sterling silver jewellery with precious/semi-precious beads. Inspiration for each unique piece comes from everything around me but mostly from the materials themselves. I also work with clients to create jewellery that is custom-made to their needs and tastes. Ssara Designs jewellery can be picked up from me directly from my home in Indiranagar (by appointment) or from exhibitions in Bangalore. I have also started domestic shipping.

Silver Nut Tree, Rituparna and Angeline
Contact: 9686314113, 9008151302
Description: Upcycled Home decor, Upcycled Jewellery
Facebook: SilverNutTree
Their story:
Silver Nut Tree, it started with a humble PET Plastic Bottle which showed the promise of becoming a treasure that no owner would want to throw away ending in our planets already bulging landfills and polluted oceans. The designers themselves realized that PET Plastic is just one among the potential hazards and went on to find ways to UP- CYCLE punctured rubber tubes, bottle caps, washers, nuts, CD’s and even glass bottles.
At Silver Nut Tree the experiments go on, on a daily basis turning ‘trash’ into viable beautiful products aptly named “The Phoenix” range. In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

Trishna Online Jewellery Store, Rekha Krishnaprasad
Description: Temple jewellery at your doorstep
Facebook: Trishna Jewellery
Her story:
An online store that brings these pieces of beautiful and desired temple jewellery to you.


Amodha, Asha and Alisha Raghavan
Contact: +91 9845669482 & +91 96204 99566
Description: Handloom weaves
email: and
Facebook: Amodha
Website: Amodha Designs
Their story:
Celebrating the magic of the handloom weaves, Amodha (meaning joy in Sanskrit) presents its eclectic musings as it adds a hint of contemporary to the traditional, infusing weaves with a little magic, a little imagination and most importantly an ardent admiration for the elegance and subtlety of hand crafted indian weaves.

Areev, Ally Mathan
Description: Natural handmade products
Contact: 080 4124 8717
Website: Areev
areevHer story:
Areev is a pioneer in natural handmade products and aspires to grow into a leading home grown Indian brand of naturally derived products. Resolutely of natural origin and derivatives. Because we believe that a natural commitment is vital to foster the future of our lives on this planet. Our passion for fragrances and natural ingredients has resulted in a lovely line of bath and lip products made from naturally derived ingredients.

Our products are never tested on animals – only on willing human beings. We search for the highest quality ingredients at the best price so as to keep your Areev experience affordable.

BAJA The New You, Amrutha John and Babita Jaishankar
Description: New age clothing brand
Facebook: Baja,
Ask Babita
Website: Babita Shankar
Their story:
BAJA is all about dressing up the contemporary Indian woman, comfortable, who is confident, and in control, empowered by technology that enables her to share her views, cull information and communicate with others. Our clothing range is as versatile as today’s woman, with the right mix of traditional and western wear. We have the perfect outfits for you, whether you are a high flying corporate executive or an entrepreneur, a bride or a mom to be. Our western wear is designed with today’s Indian woman in mind, flattering and complementing Indian body types. Our traditional wear has a modern yet classic look, which is achieved by using indigenous textiles and prints with modern cuts and drapes.

We also have WSol (Wardrobe solutions), which is all about transformations; from head to toe and inside out. We offer a comprehensive suite of fashion and image makeover solutions, with an emphasis on customizing packages to individual style, preferences and life goals. We conduct individual consultations and workshops, all aimed at enhancing your self-confidence, with the help of the right image, grooming and attitude.

DresSmart, Sandhya Oza
Description: Personal Shopper Experience, Image Makeover Inside Out, Grooming sessions for women of all ages, Motivational sessions for mums
Facebook: DresSmartbySAndhyaOza
dresSmartHer story:
DresSmart is all about helping you work on your inner and outer IMAGE… It is about feeling beautiful from within to conquer your fears and win over your confidence. Trying to reach out to ladies and youngsters of all age groups who are looking to get a little help in dressing up well, helping (ladies/mums/homemakers) them realise that they have to take a few minutes out in the day to concentrate on themselves too.

IHA, Merryn Mathew
Contact: +91-9972572726 for an appointment.
Description: Elegant and contemporary sarees
email :
Facebook: IHA.Woman (can also place orders online)
Store: 37, 1st floor; MEG Officers Colony, Close to ITC Infotech, Cox Town,
Bangalore – 560033
Iha cover pageHer story:
Iha houses elegant and contemporary sarees, salwar fabrics and dupattas for today’s woman. The collection is carefully sourced and handpicked from all over India, so each piece is unique, special and delightfully different. Iha was conceptualised with a realization that merging sophistication with tradition is the essence of today’s woman. My love for travel and textiles, takes me to traditonal weavers all over India and the Iha collection is curated with a keen eye for design, elegance and purity.

Prakriti Herbals, Neeta Adappa
Description: Natural Beauty Products (haircare/skincare)
Facebook: PrakritiHerbals
Her story:
At “Prakriti Herbals” we customise and personalise natural products to suit your skin and hair perfectly, after helping you diagnose your skin and hair type. Our beautiful range of exclusive organic and herbal cosmetics with natural ingredients rejuvenate and refresh the skin&hair naturally.Trusted by corporates like Wipro and 5 star hotel like the Royal Orchid Group of Hotels countrywide. Organic and herbal skincare and haircare cosmetics free from harmful chemicals and not tested on animals.

makeupMake-Up Artist, Shalini
Contact: +91-9611404000
Her story:
I am a professional makeup artist! I worked with MAC cosmetics for the last 2 years! I do shoots, bridal makeup and currently working on a Telugu feature film! I am open to different opportunities.

The Leather Boutique, Jayanti Bhattarchya
Contact: 80 4098 4777
Description: Bags, jackets and accessories
Facebook: The Leather Boutique
Website: The Leather Boutique
Store: 965 , 1st Floor, 12th Main, Indiranagar (Above Phobidden Fruit), Bangalore, India 560038

Fresh Sashimi, Apoorva Vadi
Description: E-commerce store for clothing and fashion
Website: French Sashimi
Launching soon!


FitMermaids, Pooja Bhatia Arora
Description: Aqua aerobics classes
Contact: 097 39 011246
Website: FitMermaids
Her story:
fitmermaidsAqua aerobics is the fun way to burn calories and be fit . Challenge yourself with an intense pool workout which is safe on your joints. How many times have you given up your fitness regime in the past ? I know… we all have, we all need a fitness buddy to motivate and guide and push. It’s easy to slip into a mode where we don’t exercise, let stress take over and then the vicious circle starts. Fitmermaids is your buddy who will hold your hand… motivate, guide for making a healthful change in your life!, Jeeva Anna George
Description: Gluten free baked products, and sometimes GFCF Vegan and GFnut free, soy free, sugar free etc. as well. All free forms basically.
Blog: Jeeva Musings
Facebook: GFIndia
Twitter: @JAGGlutenfree
Her story: launched in Sept 2013 seeks to be your answer to the gluten free lifestyle in India. Jeeva Bakes, Jeeva Guides and Jeeva Initiates are the 3 separate areas of operation. From baking and ideating on gluten free products to acting as a consultant to the Indian retail industry, Jeeva Initiates focuses on spreading awareness on celiac and spear heading talks with government and policy makers in consultation and close co-ordination with gluten free manufacturers, doctors and the celiac community in India.

SPA.ce, Nina Bual
Description: Spa
Cunningham road 08041327526
Indiranagar/Domlur 080 42171052
Her story:
SPA.ce the spa, is one of Bangalores most established spa brands, known for its unique spaces, and excellent product. Spa.ce offers customers everything from a 20 minute massage to a complete day of indulgence.

YogasopanamTM Wellness, Deepa Kannan (along with her husband)
Description: Yoga
Studio: No 17, SBI Officers Colony, Koramangala, 3rd Block, Bangalore
Website: Yogasopanam
Her story:
yogasopanamI was introduced to yoga as a child twenty years ago and thought it was the most boring practice ever! Years later, during a difficult phase in life, I caught a glimpse of a random yoga class in Bangalore and was inspired to try it out. What began as just a hobby to whittle away extra hours, soon became a beautiful and meaningful journey where I discovered natural ease of movements and the tremendous benefits of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa.?My quest for perfection took me to the Sivananda Yoga ashram in Kerala, where I underwent extensive training in the practices of hatha yoga and raja yoga. I conduct private classes, group sessions, as well as classes on pre and post natal yoga in and around Bangalore.

Tai Chi, Bindu Vaz
Contact: +91 9620514246
Facebook: Tai Chi
Her story:
SAM_5395I am a Tai Chi instructor and the classes are for adults and children age 12 and above. Tai Chi, as it is practiced in the west today, can perhaps best be thought of as a moving form of yoga and meditation combined. There are a number of so – called forms which consist of a sequence of movements. Many of these movements are originally derived from the martial arts (and perhaps even more ancestrally than that, from the natural movements of animals and birds) although the way they are performed in Tai Chi is slowly, softly and gracefully with smooth and even transitions between them. Tai Chi is a form of exercise that encompasses the body and the mind.

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