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Thank God, it’s Saturday!

Something really strange happened last night.

I have never had so much alcohol in my life. And yet, after half a dozen or so cocktails and four drinks (between three of us!) we were all stone sober.

It was happy hours at T.G.I.F. (nice ambience, slightly overpriced) and since it was Friday, we thought it would be an appropriate place to spend the evening!

We started with margeritas. Followed by long island iced teas. Then we went for electric lemonades. After which it was pure vodka with lemonade. Ending with shots of tequila.

After this whole episode it was wonder how all of were standing straight. Either we’re getting very good at holding our drinks or TGIF completely forgot to add alcohol in the cocktails! I strongly suspect it was the latter. Usually I reach my limit with two cocktails. So, there had to be something wrong with what they served us.

And thanks everyone for all the suggestions left in my comments box.

Nobody, thanks for all the helpful hints about your city. We’ve been roaming around most of the day. We did lunch at Casa Picola. Pretty decent fare they have there.

My friend J took me to this place called Home Store, where I totally freaked out and bought a whole lot of stuff that I wasn’t planning to. Isn’t that always the way it happens? Anyways. I am a sucker for nice things. I always keep control when I am in Mumbai. When I’m out of town, I have no idea what happens. Before I know it, the money is all gone 🙂 But they have a really decent collection.

We hit Gangaram’s after that. I headed to the stationery section first. I have a weakness for notebooks. Picked up a nice textured drawing book.

I only got to browse half of the first floor when my friend came to drag me out. Quite a selection of books they have there. From the size of the store, I figured I’d need a whole day to browse through the store.

There’s a party to attend tonight, so I better go do my hair now.


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