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Thank God, it’s Saturday!

Something really strange happened last night.

I have never had so much alcohol in my life. And yet, after half a dozen or so cocktails and four drinks (between three of us!) we were all stone sober.

It was happy hours at T.G.I.F. (nice ambience, slightly overpriced) and since it was Friday, we thought it would be an appropriate place to spend the evening!

We started with margeritas. Followed by long island iced teas. Then we went for electric lemonades. After which it was pure vodka with lemonade. Ending with shots of tequila.

After this whole episode it was wonder how all of were standing straight. Either we’re getting very good at holding our drinks or TGIF completely forgot to add alcohol in the cocktails! I strongly suspect it was the latter. Usually I reach my limit with two cocktails. So, there had to be something wrong with what they served us.

And thanks everyone for all the suggestions left in my comments box.

Nobody, thanks for all the helpful hints about your city. We’ve been roaming around most of the day. We did lunch at Casa Picola. Pretty decent fare they have there.

My friend J took me to this place called Home Store, where I totally freaked out and bought a whole lot of stuff that I wasn’t planning to. Isn’t that always the way it happens? Anyways. I am a sucker for nice things. I always keep control when I am in Mumbai. When I’m out of town, I have no idea what happens. Before I know it, the money is all gone πŸ™‚ But they have a really decent collection.

We hit Gangaram’s after that. I headed to the stationery section first. I have a weakness for notebooks. Picked up a nice textured drawing book.

I only got to browse half of the first floor when my friend came to drag me out. Quite a selection of books they have there. From the size of the store, I figured I’d need a whole day to browse through the store.

There’s a party to attend tonight, so I better go do my hair now.


  1. Hey Anita, sounds like your’e having a great time in Bangalore! It sounds so much more fun than Bombay!! Lucky you!

  2. hi!me visiting ur blog the 1st time and the 1st feelingi get there is that of cosiness..of how u relate to the fellow bloggers…somehow seem a nice grp of decent people.liked ur blog and its neighbourhood as well..hope ur kit kit’s doing fine and that u finally got the rite apartment

  3. hey!just posted sth to join ur ring…and email nitification from the ring thing calls u “ring master”….i feel like a tigress now..(chukle)wow!!!

  4. Wow! Sounds like you had fun!! TGIF happened after I left Blore so I can’t really relate to it. But Casa Picola, oh yeah!! Did you go the Residency Rd one (basement kinda place where you climb down) or Indiranagar? Do they still have those awesome mushroom fritters?? I used to love those!! And you’re right, you can spend an entire day at Gangarams!!!

  5. i suppose u visited the TGIF on 1, Airport Road. That is pretty near to where I used to stay. DId u check out the ‘Cornerhouse’ for icecreams ? It is very good.

  6. A lot of the posher bars I’ve been to, in both Chennai and Bangalore dilute their drinks. They either do this so that you drink more or its because more women go there, so they try to make the drinks lighter.

    Do try 13th floor it’s a great place. Make sure you book a table, so you get the view. There’s a restaurent run by the same people too, on the same floor. Go there and try the Mudaliar Prawn Pulao. Totally sinful. Are you gonna be in B’lore till the 2nd-3rd?

  7. Ending with shots of tequila. Tequila served in most bars in India is not even close to the real thing. Best way is to get someone coming down from videsh to pick up a bottle for you (even the South African ones are better) and if you can stand straight after two shots, I’ll hand it to you.

    My friend J took me to this place called Home Store.: Hehee.. that place is off-limits for me. Gets me crying miserably for being poor. Next in line are the showrooms of the company formerly known as Gautier.

    So, there had to be something wrong with what they served us.: The same is the case with Delhi bars as said above by Kingsley. If you are drinking to get drunk, best way is to get the booze home, nice music, order or pick up food from outside. The benefits being: a) You do not have to drive or bother about transportation b) It comes way way way much cheaper.

    The clean up is an issue, but you can always use paper plates.

  8. Monish: I did have a nice time. I guess having foodies for friends helps too πŸ™‚

    Anu: Have added you to the ring. Enjoi! The apartment hunting will resume now that I am back in Mumbai.

    Nobody: We went to the one in Koramangla since we were in that area. But I beleive the Indirinager one is the best. Will have to try the fritters the next time!

    Deepak: We went to Cornerhouse for dessert after TGIF. My friend ate a sinful apple pie with coffee icecream. I decided to watch and still managed to put on a few calories πŸ˜‰

    Kingsley: They dilute the drinks but not the price! I like their funda!! 13th floor will have to be the next time. There was only that much I could eat in 3 days I realised :)I’m back in Mumbai, btw. Are you going to be in Bangs on the 2nd-3rd?

    Codey: It was the first time I tried tequila. Must say it was quite interesting. Will try and bribe a friend coming from videsh next time to get me some πŸ™‚

    I thought Home Store was pretty reasonable compared to Mumbai’s overpriced Tressorie (a similar store).

    Actually, I was rather embarassed but we did pick up some vodka and peach shnappes (which I like) after the TGIF experience and came back home to another round! Hehe.

    Shekar: I passed by NASA but didn’t step in. Had a little too much to drink already!

  9. Anita, reasonable is not the issue, the issue is you cannot stop once you start and before you know it you have destroyed your puny budget to shreds..

  10. Yep love T.G.I.F.I moved to mumbai about 2 years ago from L.A.It is’nt like the one back home but its good overall.I did’nt even know it was there in mumbai till about 3 months ago but i had a lovely evening there

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